Kardean Romances the Stones

Kardean Romances the Stones
By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

If you aren’t already familiar with Karndean Art Select Woods, you have been missing something exceptional. Attention to detail, realistic visuals AND tactile graining are the hallmarks of these luxury vinyl woods. Embossed-in-register technology brings the character of the woods into perfect alignment with the visual. The end result is near-perfect replication of nature’s most beautiful woods.

Given Karndean’s track record of excellence, you would have to expect something pretty spectacular as the company expands the Art Select line to include limestone, travertine, marble, and slate. Karndean’s Marketing Department had this to say about their newest collection: “This line of luxury vinyl tiles boasts our most intricate and realistic embosses to date—each handcrafted to reflect the unique patterns and textures of real stone.”—See more.

Just introduced in April, this new chapter of Art Select was kept under wraps until Karndean had samples, support stock, and point of purchase materials ready for the launch. Here is a brief tour of these exceptional LVT stones, all approved for use in residential as well as high-traffic commercial projects.

The Limestones—four beautiful limestone colors were inspired by the rugged coastlines of the English Channel Islands. The colors capture the true beauty of natural limestone

The Marbles—Most trend forecasters, including Color Marketing Group International, are predicting a strong resurgence of marble. Karndean took their inspiration from the natural white and blue-gray marble from the world-famous quarries in the Province of Massa, Tuscany.

The Slates—The timeless beauty of slate had to be represented in the new Art Select Stone collection. Its popularity spans decades and Karndean has created four soothing colors with natural, under-stated veining.

The Travertines—Yellowstone National Park is the site of the Mammoth Hot Springs. Those travertine terraces were the actual inspiration for these newly introduced LVT stones. Karndean captured the natural color variations found in travertine, and brought them to life in easy-care luxury vinyl tiles.

These new stone creations are built to work hard. The 30 mil protective urethane layer ensures total performance. Backed by Karndean’s 20 year commercial warranty (Lifetime residential), the Art Select stones offer the perfect balance of aesthetic and durability.

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By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

I have a confession to make.  There was a time during my early design career that I had some preconceived notions about luxury vinyl planks and tiles.  I had categorized it somewhere in my mental files as equivalent to olden-day linoleum.  It’s a designer’s job to stay current on new products, so I did my research and accepted an appointment for a product knowledge presentation.

That was an awakening.  In front of me were visuals so impressive, once installed they would be taken for real wood (and stones), without a doubt.  The tactile surface texture added to the realism.  Here was a product that could give my commercial clients the warmth and character of real wood, but with easy maintenance and a performance story that could outlast most other flooring products.


Designers see LVP/LVT as a solution product because of its durability.  Besides authenticity, the range of styles and colors is exceptional.  There are many newcomers on the market, so here are a few of the things professional designers look for when specifying LVP/LVT:

  • The mil layer is important! 20 mil and above will perform well in heavy commercial use settings.  Ask for the manufacturer’s specification sheets to verify mil layer. (12 mil performs favorably in residential settings.)
  • Look for a brand that has longevity. Especially in commercial applications, warranty is important.  Not just the label on the product (anyone can add a 10 or 20 year warranty sticker), but does the company have a history, and will that company be around to support and service warranty claims years from now, if necessary?
  • Does the product have certifications that meet all U.S. standards? This is very important.  Government regulations ensure that the product is safe and has no harmful contaminants. This information should be readily available to you.
  • Be sure you can reach out to the manufacturer’s customer service department with any questions, including care and maintenance.  Ask for the 800 number and test it!

That’s a quick primer in how to choose a quality LVT/LVP floor.  If you find a product that meets the qualifications above, use that square-foot pricing to compare to other like brands.

Price and value do correlate in the world of LVT.  If this sounds a bit like “buyer beware”, that would be correct.  As a consumer, doing your due diligence always pays off in the end.  As a designer, doing your due diligence (for the sake of your clients) is mandatory.

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