By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

You know how important color is in my life. I’ve never owned a black or white car, because I think it’s too non-committal. (Interesting side bar: black is the combination of every prismatic color and white is the absence of all color—it reflects the entire prism.) So although B & W may not be my first choice, it is a power player for Fall 2016. Let me take that a step further. B & W are timeless in interiors and, if it suits your personality, a fail-proof choice.

Having just returned from the Summer 2016 World Market event in Las Vegas, I kept a keen eye out for what top manufacturers in the world of design were featuring. This truly is an international assemblage of furniture, textiles, floor coverings, lighting, accessories— all things in demand for interiors. Three huge buildings are dedicated to premiering the hottest new introductions and the excitement runs high. So when I saw a certain color combo appearing and re-appearing, I had to feature this renewed trend in my blog.

bw1Impressive display! The combination of black and white linens, black and white lighting, and touches of pure silver made this vignette captivating. The metallic background was for displaying the manufacturers brand of course, but note how effective it is in playing up the dramatic pairing of only black and white.

bw2Look to the right and enjoy this amazing collection of interior goods. The balance, proportion, continuity, and mixture of solid color to pattern are perfect. Texture is a main ingredient in B & W room settings. It brings the warmth and exceptional interest to a totally neutral setting.

bw3Lastly, this amazing showroom capitalized on light and sparkle to make the setting come alive. Those mirrors you see in the background are black-framed with crystals built into the mirror. The lighting makes those crystals shimmer and brings huge drama to the setting. (Coaster Furnishings)

Look to
This made a big impact on one of my client consultations. Mirrors are on order!


By Annette Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

bridal flooringSo what in the world does wedding season have in common with floor coverings? Nothing. Or maybe “not nothing”. (Double negative means there’s a positive in here somewhere). I went to see a Karndean DesignFlooring installation at Blush Bridal Salon in Santa Ana, CA today, and wanted to share that with you via this blog. Karndean makes only luxury vinyl woods and stones, and the authenticity of the wood used in this installation made a big impression.

I asked the owner why she chose this floor covering. Her answer was honest and to the point. First of all, she wanted an upscale, elegant look. “Bridal” needs to convey romanticism, clean simplicity, understated elegance. Furnishings and backgrounds can add to those qualities, but the flooring made the biggest statement.

She chose Karndean’s Opus line in style “Grano” to accomplish the ambience she sought. The soft gray tones of the wood made the salon look larger than it actually was. She wanted “understated”, and achieved that. The designer bridal gowns were the stars, pristine whites in contrast to the weathered gray wood floor.

bridal flooringHer other criteria included ease of maintenance. She apologized that her cleaning crew hadn’t been in to clean yet this week (it’s Thursday), but I can honestly say, the floors looked immaculate. Sweeping and/or washing the LVT floor with a low pH cleaner is all that is required. It comes from the manufacturer with a low-sheen glow, which is permanent. She had asked her designer to help her find something with a trustworthy warranty. Check! Karndean offered a 15-year commercial warranty on the style she chose. (Take a look for yourself at

Ambiance (along with champagne) is exactly what brides expect in an up-scale bridal salon.
Congratulations to Blush Bridal. The ambience was elegant and welcoming, and even at 11:00am, the champagne was flowing.