Moving Color Tiles

moving-color-tile-shower.jpgmoving-color-tile-shower.jpg There are a plethora of unique ceramic tiles, glass tiles and handmolded tiles to choose from in the tile industry today, but a company called Moving Color offers tiles that will stop you in your tracks. I found their vision statement down right inspiring and on the verge of challmoving-color-tile-shower.jpgmoving-color-tile-shower.jpgenging!


“The inspiration behind our concept is similar to the beauty of nature; we believe that our personal environments should be ever changing. Moving Color is a form of living art; therefore, the potential of our products are only limited by the imagination of the designer implementing them.” Read more

The Remodeling Show Awards: Most Innovative Product

Most Innovative Product: GranitClad Natural Granite Resurfacing is a cladding_pic_4 patented process that allows any countertop to be resurfaced with granite or mable without removing the existing countertop. In fact, they can also resurface showers, tubs, boats, RV’s and fireplaces. They do it by using a fiberglass and resin reinforced thin slab of granite that is 7 times stronger than traditional granite. Not only are the slabs stronger, but they are 9mm thick offering the advantage of being 70% lighter than typical 2 or 3cm slabs. This also helps with faster installations. I thought there would be a catch of limited colors, but they offer 25 standard colors and 8 special order colors. All of this and a limited lifetime warranty.