The Remodeling Show Awards: Most Interesting Product

greengluetubes.png Hands down this goes to Green Glue. Green Glue is the simple and easy answer to sound proofing floors, wall and ceilings in new construction or remodeling. You simply apply the product with a caulk gun between two sheets of standard drywall or plywood. There is no exact measuring (other than 2 tubes per 4×8 sheet of plywood) or specific coverage pattern – you just apply it randomly all over the board.

This product is great for home theaters, recording studios, condos, apartments, impact noise (footstep noise) and squeaky floors.

Green Glue has been tested and found to:

  • Be the most thoroughly of any sound isolation material available

  • Be able to be inserted into any fire rated assembly according to the International Building Code

  • Not form a vapor lock

  • Be environmentally friendly with almost no V.O.C.’s

  • Not contribute to mold growth

Thank goodness for the FAQ on their website. Below are a few: Read more

The Remodeling Show Awards: Products For The Installer and DIY


For The Installer:

Custom Building Products
has a new line of lightweight setting materials that help tackle the issues of load factors, vehicle wear and fatigue on the body. These products are equal to the traditional products in strength and coverage – they just weigh less. A major benefit to this new line is that they are made with recycled materials that contribute to LEED’s certification! Click on the pictures above or below for the complete specification sheet, MSDS sheet and brochure.


For The DIY (Do it yourself-er): Custom Building Products has come out with a full line of pre-mixed tile setting products so if you want to tackle your own tile installation project you can avoid the potential disaster of spreading thin-set from your ceiling to your floor! If you’ve never tried setting your own tile or mixing your own thin-set, it’s a lot harder than it looks! The line offers a floor leveler, floor patch, ceramic tile thin-set mortar, and another for natural stone. For small jobs and repairs, there is a premixed adhesive and grout – all in one! All have the added protection of Mold Guard Technology , an environmentally sound method designed to keep moisture out and neutralize the food source that mold and mildew thrive on.