What Feeding Bears and Ruining Your Pre-Finished Hardwood Floors Has in Common

bearjpeg-300x385tallpx.jpgHow important is it to clean your hardwood floors with the proper cleaning agent? I assumed that every flooring salesperson made this information abundantly clear at the point of sale, that every client listened and followed their instructions diligently. Then I got my reality check – on the Internet. After a little web surfing on how to clean hardwood floors I found discussion after discussion that proved my fear that countless hardwood flooring crimes were being committed. At first, I thought, “How could people do this?!?” Then, I came to terms with a few simple realities.

Take this True/False quiz to test your knowledge. I’ll bet you are not alone. Below are the answers and my theories on why these are common misconceptions.

1. I should mop my hardwood floors at least once or twice a week regardless if I have spills or scuffs with a liquid cleaner.

Answer: False. One of the main benefits of hardwood flooring is that they are low maintenance floors that require only a little more maintenance than sweeping on a regular basis to remove dirt. Cleaners are only needed when cleaning spills, removing scuff marks or major cleanings like spring cleaning. Cleaners should be applied with a terry cloth head mop rather than a sponge mop because you don’t want too much liquid applied directly to your floors. Too much liquid can cause your floors to expand and crack. You can and should, however vacuum your floors daily with a vacuum without a beater bar to remove dirt that can scratch your floors. Use a vacuum attachment to access those hard to reach areas. Read more

Green Build Expo 2007 – PacifiCrest Carpets


dsc01756PacifiCrest is a manufacturer of commercial carpets located in Irvine, California, a subsidiary of Royalty Carpet Mills. PacifiCrest has demonstrated outstanding environmental performance in carpet manufacturing for over 20 years.


PacifiCrest carpets are sustainable, recyclable and available with a backing option called E-Lok BioBack. Their carpet face weight contains up to 90% post industrial recycled content and their backing compositions contain: Read more