Live from Surfaces 2008!

Surfaces 2008 opened this morning at 9 am. It’s exciting to see everyone putting their best foot forward with eye catching, colorful, information packed displays. The question on my mind is what’s hot, what’s trendy and what each company is most proud to show. Here’s a little taste of what’s here and what’s hot. I am headed back downstairs to find more exciting products to share with you! Stay tuned…..



More about Moving Color Tiles

home_1This information was sent to me recently by Moving Color Tiles…a little history and some new information.
Moving Color is a completely new platform of design, function and cutting edge innovations. The inspiration behind our concept is that like the beauty of nature we believe that our personal environments should be ever changing. Moving Color is fostered by Mr. Blane Kivley, Innovator, President and CEO of Moving Color and nurtured by our remarkable team of professionals.
We have been involved in the building industry for greater than 20 years and our team comes from a multi-faceted and exceptionally diverse background. Our collective knowledge of the properties, uses and installation of natural stone, glass and ceramics is very extensive. Moving Color is a form of living art, and the potential of our products are only limited by the imagination of the designer implementing them. Moving Color is continuously researching and developing new ideas to further expand our already innovative product lines.
Design Latitude
With our distinctive capabilities it is the Architects, Designers, Builders and Individuals who will bring their straightforward, spectacular or most challenging visions forth and explore the virtually limitless applications and environments Moving Color products can be implemented among. Moving Color is here to facilitate design solutions thru the use of our unparalleled products and visionary team. We strive to provide a truly breathtaking and awe-inspiring design element to complement that avant-garde vision of our clients.
Administrative and Manufacturing Locations
All of Moving Color’s glass tile is manufactured in Rocklin, California, just outside of Sacramento, where our headquarters is also located.
Our Product Lines
It is our desire that you receive a quality product designed to meet your specific needs and application. All Moving Color glass tiles and building materials are hand made and unique in nature, added to this are the natural differences inherent in glass, which create a beauty and uniqueness to each individual piece.
We can match virtually any color imaginable. Solid and darker colors will provide a more dramatic and vibrant color play. Semi-transparent, pearl and lighter colors will have a more subtle and soft change. Base color or design color will remain unvarying below specified activation temperature. Upon approach and having attained activation temperature, phase 1 color change will introduce red and variations of to the base color. Phase 2 green and all variations of. Phase 3 blue and all variations of. Color change will begin at selected activation temperature and continue through all three phases within a 5-20 degree (band width) rise or fall in temperature. As color change peaks and surpasses final color introduction, the base color will return preeminent and remain unvarying until temperature drops or rises once again.
Watercolors are designed to go from a base color to colorless/translucent once it reaches its activation temperature and retain that appearance until the temperature is reduced once again. This process is also reversible. We offer 8 base colors but have the ability to create additional colors upon request. There is no limit to size or shape of glass or material used for this line.
Living Art will incorporate solid colors that never change and colors that appear/ disappear and change creating unique scenes designed specific to each client. This line can be offered in virtually any size and thickness from mosaics to large panes of glass.
Northern Lights are only offered in black and will, once activation temperature is achieved, bloom into a myriad of colors. This line will also peak at a specific temperature and return to black. Example: Black below 72 degrees F, activation 72 degrees F, multiple color play through 82 degrees F above 82 degrees F back to black. As the tile cools back through these temperatures the color play will occur again just in reverse order. This tile is limited to a maximum size of 12″x12″.
Tye Dye is offered in three base colors and will respond to temperature change in a similar fashion to Northern Lights. The unique difference to Tye Dye is its more explosive and dynamic color play. Max size 12″x12″.
Liquid is our most versatile line offered in 10 base colors but able to be produced in almost any color palette. Virtually any size, thickness or shape is possible and custom pieces can be made to order. Color play in regards to activation temperature will be consistent with Northern lights and Tye Dye starting and peaking at specific temperatures. With the limitless colors available, Liquid color play will respond and appear visually different dependant upon base color or colors incorporated. Examples being; dark blue compared to a light blue or other shades of blue. Each of these colors will appear different as a base color and each will respond and appear different during the color change process. Some of these differences being varying shades/tints, more subtle/vibrant color play and shorter/longer range of color change. There will be similarities as well.
Liquid is also offered in Organic and Smooth. Organic will appear slightly more vibrant and offer a texture similar to that found in organic material. Smooth will appear more subtle and consistent during color change. This is intended to expand design possibilities and further artistic representation.
UltraBloom combines our Liquid line and UltraGlas textured architectural glass, to add another dimension of design.
Moving Color Releases New Decos and Liners
in Liquid, Watercolors, Tye Dye, and Northern Lights Collections
New Decos and Liners offered in four current collections brings the
ability to unlock unique design solutions for today’s most amazing environments.
Rocklin, CA- November 12, 2007- Moving Color, the innovators of heat sensitive, color changing building materials, today announced the addition of twelve all new decos and liners to four of their current lines including Liquid, Watercolors, Tye Dye, and Northern Lights.
Available for purchase January 1st 2008, the new decos and liners are inspired by the ever changing beauty of nature. The saturation of colors in the Moving Color products blends beautifully with today’s interiors and can be mixed with an array of other building materials, such as stainless steal, ceramic, wood, porcelain and stone. Moving Color¡’s decos and liners are inspiring, artistic, and versatile. Durable enough for both residential and commercial applications yet enable an expression of individuality without losing product performance.
Sold as individual pieces, the liners range from 7/8″ x 7 1/4″ to 2 1/2″ x 7 1/4″ and 1 3/8″ x 7 3/4″ to 2 1/2″ x 7 3/4″. The decos range from 4″ x 4″ to 5″x 5″. The size all depends on the specific deco or liner selected. All of the accents are 3/8″ in thickness or greater making for an easy installation in combining with other materials. Accents can be selected from any of the four collections. Color selections along with individual temperature ranges make every application unique. Applications include steam rooms, wet areas, indoor pools, showers, water features, fireplace surround, backsplashes, and floors, amongst many others. No matter what applications Moving Color products are used the result is always the same … Show Stopping.
The decos include names such as Lagoon, Chameleon, and Eden. The liners include names such as Gobstoppers, Nectar, Seasons, YinYang, Journey, Carrousel, Wildflowers, Landslide, and Amazon. All of the new accents are unique and exiting! They range from ideas of interacting with our environment to ancient traditions, as well as, childhood memories of the famous book, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The magic of Moving Color’s new decos and liners have just begun to unfold. Look forward to more … coming soon.