Changing Grout Colors

Have you inherited a floor with oddly colored grout? Is your grout too gross to deal with? Did you make a grout choice that was a disastrous design decision? Have you accidentally tried to clean your grout with bleach and bleached the color out? Good news! The tile is difficult and expensive to replace, but you can change the whole look of a tile floor with new grout.

If you think you might like the color, but can’t tell what it originally started as:

  • First, try cleaning the grout with grout cleaner. (not bleach, grout cleaner!)
  • If the grout doesn’t come clean, you can try a professional steam cleaning company to clean the grout.

If you inherited a color that is just too difficult to deal with:

  • Clean the grout first.
  • From here, you could chisel the old grout out and install new grout, but you run the risk of chipping the tile. Once you chip the tile, it cannot be repaired. It then has to be replaced, which means you run the risk of installing a new tile that doesn’t match the original shade. Read more