Reader Question – Hardwood Floors in a Second Floor Condo


“I own an upper level condo. I’d like to have hardwood floors, but my HOA says no because of the noise factor to the owner below me. Is there some kind of soundproofing material that can be put under the hardwood?”


My first thought was to contact a company called Green Glue Company because I thought they  would have the most simple solution to your problem. Their product is so advanced, you literally acheive soundproofing with their glue product.

 Below is their response:

“ For this situation (improving impact noise, no access to the ceiling), what can be accomplished becomes a question of how much the height of the floor can be changed. Adding Green Glue and another layer of plywood or OSB will have a pronounced effect on noise levels, but for another 1/2″, adding a layer of soundboard between the existing subfloor and the new plywood/OSB will deliver better results. Thicker build-ups can deliver more… Most any level of isolation can be attained, allowable thickness and cost are ultimately the factors that determine what performance can be attained.

When comparing the impact noise performance of carpet -vs- hardwood, a Green Glue + hardwood setup will yield as good or better low-frequency noise isolation (booms from feet hitting the floor), but more high frequency noise (high heels on the wood, sliding chairs, dropped silverware, etc.).

I have some data on this kind of thing – for dropped balls and various other means of stimulating the floor – that I can send if it would be helpful.”




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