Interview with CB Whittemore – Wear-Dated Carpet Fiber – Solutia Inc.

cbw_hg50701-0127191-225x300CB Whittemore is the Director, In-Store Innovation for Wear-Dated Carpet Fiber – Solutia, Inc. She has graciously shared some answer to some questions that may help demystify carpet fiber branding!


1. What is Wear-Dated?

Wear-Dated® is Solutia’s brand of nylon carpet fiber for the residential market. It is also our warranty to the consumer that carpet made with Wear-Dated carpet fiber will perform.

Solutia manufactures nylon 6,6 fiber and sells it into the commercial and residential markets. On the commercial side, Nylon 6,6 is the fiber most often specified by architects and designers because it is so durable. Imagine, then, the benefits on the residential side: Nylon 6,6 makes for beautiful yet durable carpet that any consumer would want in her home.

2. What benefit does Wear-Dated represent for the consumer?

Not all carpet made with our carpet fiber can carry the Wear-Dated carpet fiber brand. We test the carpet to ensure that its construction meets performance standards. If it meets those standards, then it can carry the Wear-Dated brand. We go to this effort because our brand is also our warranty to the consumer. Even though we make the fiber, we guarantee the carpet made from it.

3. What is the origin of Wear-Dated?

We first introduced the Wear-Dated brand into apparel in 1962. We then extended it to upholstery fabrics in 1975 and to carpet in 1980. In all of these categories, it can be difficult for a buyer to determine whether the end product will last or not. Wear-Dated offers peace-of-mind for all of the things you can’t see or easily evaluate. Our tagline for carpet is “You’ll Wear Out Before Wear-Dated does.” That’s how durable carpet made with our fiber is. Read more

Reader Question – Area Rugs

2572858608_98c1f78015_mQuestion:I am getting my apartment painted and want to redecorate a little but don’t have a large amount of $$$$. My question is the area rug should you make sure it matches the furniture or the wall color?
Answer: The area rug needs to have a color in the rug that coordinates with the wall color. Matching is hardly ever necessary in decorating – it just needs to blend. The color in the area rug needs to be the same family of color, not necessarily the exact shade or a complimentary color like in the picture above.

This question arose from yesterdays post: 10 Quick ways to decorate and update your home