Green Builder Profile – McStain

image-thumb1 From the start, home building was more than a business to McStain; it was a passion fueled by deeply held beliefs. They believed, for instance, that they could build a better world by rethinking the very nature of community. They could create places where people feel more of a connection to each other and to the natural environment. They could create places where enduring value is more important than conspicuous consumption. Not just places where people live, but where their lives become richer.

This is their way of thinking. It’s what makes a better, more valuable home for you.

And it’s what makes their neighborhoods so … McStain.

Smart means it’s good for everybody… including Mother Nature.

Mc Stain has discovered an amazing synergy: environmentally-conscious building practices work together to create stronger, healthier, more energy-efficient homes. What’s good for the earth is also good for people. They’re using engineered wood products made from wood scraps. They’re using innovative building products made from recycled paper and plastic. And they’re helping to recycle land, too that are breathing new life into outdated and abandoned properties. Recycled products save trees and make better homes. Recycled land saves open space and provides an intelligent alternative to suburban sprawl. It all just makes sense.

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Window Covering Considerations

Window coverings are an integral part of your homes decor. Not only are they present for aesthetic purposes, but they have practical purposes, too.

Solutions for window_duette_livingroom-297x300every need:

  • Light control – for sleep during the day, different moods
  • Energy Efficiency – giving the A/C and the heater a rest
  • Privacy / Security – bedrooms, bathrooms and other private areas
  • UV protections – prevents fading of floors and fabrics

Hunter Douglas suggest that when trying to determine what window covering is right for you that consider: your style, your space and your needs.

There are 9 different categories of window coverings:

  • Honeycombs
  • Sheers
  • Roman shades
  • Roller shades
  • Woven wood shades
  • Wood blinds
  • Faux wood blinds
  • Vertical sheers
  • Vertical Blinds

When shopping for window coverings, be sure to shop with a professional so that you can see all of the color and texture options, measure twice and remember that most window coverings are not in stock and take time to special order.