Wallpaper considerations

dscn0087-300x225 Wallpaper has come in and out of style so many times it is hard to keep up with what’s “in” today. There are many different schools of thought on whether wallpaper is a good investment. Here are some points to consider:


If you like wallpaper – then wallpaper is for you. Don’t worry about whether it is in style or not. Wallpaper is meant to last a long time so if you are concerned about it being “in style” just wait a while and it will be back in again!

Wallpaper with patterns:

  • If you grow tired of things quickly, a prominent wallpaper pattern might not be a good investment for you.
  • Consider the size of the room. Wallpaper that has a small pattern can be overwhelming in a large room.
  • Wallpaper that has a large pattern might not work well in a small room because of doors, windows and other obstructions that prevent the pattern of the wallpaper being able to repeat in a sensible way.
  • Consider the color of the wallpaper. In this picture, notice that this large room can handle both dark walls and dark floors because it gets plenty of natural light and has the painted bookcases to offset some of the wall space.
  • Another point about this photo is the subtlety of the pattern. There is a very subtle tree pattern on the wallpaper that is very effective for those that are afraid to commit to a pattern!

Wallpaper can change the look of a room completely. Before deciding on a particular paper, ask for a larger sample. Take the sample home and hang it on the wall while imagining more of the pattern in the room. Also check the wallpaper book because sometimes room scenes are available to show you what the pattern will look like in a larger setting.

Floors That Will Floor You – Natural Stone


appia-antica-300x225This natural stone floor and natural stone tub show off a variety of options available with natural stone.

Notice the shape of the floor tiles as well as the simple yet elegant installation. The floor material and the pattern do an excellent job of demonstrating a patterned floor with a unique shaped tile that doesn’t compete or take away from the focal point – the magnificent tub.

Notice, too the short freestanding wall that houses the plumbing for the bathtub. A different size tile and different pattern were used to compliment the tub and the floor but in no way took away from the beauty of either the tub or the floor. This is a great example of having a focal point and multiple patterns of tile or stone and texture without appearing too busy. This is a well designed room with a timeless look. It makes me want to say. “Calgon, Take me away!