Shower Designs Part I

img-4000-thumb This week is all about beautiful showers and baths and the details that make them unique or give them their beauty.

Things to notice about this shower:

  • The large format tile is used to make the shower appear larger
  • The tile is turned on the diagonal to give an added design element and make the shower appear even larger
  • The seat is made from a solid surface slab. This is important because it does not have grout lines that will crack from water constantly hitting the surface.
  • The seat being a solid surface also helps with the design on the shower. It would be difficult to keep all of the grout lines together if the seat were to be laid with tile or a different size tile would have to be used creating unnecessary distractions from the overall design.
  • There is not only one decorative metal band, but there are two. This makes it appear as though there is one larger design element (decorative band)
  • The soap dish and corner shelf are not white. They are made of a resin material made to look like stone. This helps the accessories blend into the shower more rather than take away from the overall design and beauty of the shower.
  • This shower also shows off a tile gorgeous range of color. This is a good example of why you want to ask to see more than one sample of a tile like this so that you get an idea of how much range of color is in the tile before it is installed.
  • The hardware on the shower door handle blends nicely with the earth colors in the tile and the door being frameless removes any extra metal trim that would detract from the design of the shower.

This is a well done shower installation with a simple yet stunning tile design. This shower will give the owners of the home a bath with a beautiful design that is not so busy that they will grow tired of it quickly.

Natural Beauty of Slate

This image is of a beautiful slate floor. The purpose of sharing this floor with you is to show you the natural beauty and range of color in natural stone. Slate happens to be one of the best examples of a large range of color.

When shopping for slate, some retailers might show you one piece of tile. It is very important to ask to see more samples so that you will know what kind of range of color to expect. If you see only one tile, you might think that your whole floor will be that one color instead of the myriad of colors that are characteristic of a slate floor.

Even though this floor has a lot of different colors, you may hear that slate floors are neutral colored floors. This is because there are so many colors in the floor that it goes with everything! One great feature about these floors and floors with a lot of range of color are that they hide dirt and traffic really well!

Not all slates have this much range of color – some are more uniform in color.

Also note the grout color: since there are so many colors in the floor a neutral gray grout was chosen. For more tips on choosing a grout color, click here.