prod_mopnglo_hdr-300x74Question: We were hoping that you could help get us some information about how to remove residue (we think it is MOP & GLOW) from our laminate wood floors. Any information?
Anything you can tell us would be helpful.  Thank you.

Answer: From the Mop and Glo website:

Q:   What causes a build-up on my floor?

A:   As with any wax or polish, MOP & GLO® Triple Action™ Floor Shine Cleaner should be removed periodically to prevent a build-up of old polish. This can occur if the floor is polished too frequently, and/or if not cleaned thoroughly in-between polishing.

Q:   How do I remove this build-up?

A:   Use a solution of 1/4 cup all purpose cleaner (such as LYSOL® All
Purpose Cleaner with out Bleach) and 1 cup household ammonia in ½ gallon of
warm water. Wet the area with the solution and mop.

I would test this in an inconspicuous area first. I would also recommend cleaning the floor with an approved laminate cleaner first, just to be safe. This may require extra cleaning with some elbow grease! If that doesn’t remove the Mop and Glo, then I would try what the Mop and Glo website recommends.

Posted Friday, January 9th, 2009 at 2:25 pm
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Responses to “Cleaning Mop and Glo film off laminate flooring – Reader Question”


I had the same problem but the directions from the mop and glo website didn’t help.

I finally managed to find this site:

This talked me through how to get the nasty wax buildup from my floors. I thought they were ruined but they were cleaned in a day!


Mop & Glo is NOT good. I used it on my floors & it left a buildup that won’t come off unless you scrub your fingers raw. I tried the Ammonia & Lysol All Purpose Cleaner like it said & it didn’t work. I put the Ammonia on there full strength & that didn’t work. If anyone knows a better way of getting this NASTY Mop & Glo off my floor PLEASE let me know.


try goo gone – I was scrubbing with comet but still didnt take it all off…. i sprayed the goo gone on and after a little scrubbing it took it off ( way less scrubbing then with the comet) good luck :0)

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