Revision Porcelain Tile by Ragno


revisionNew product: Revision Porcelain by Ragno USA

Revision is the porcelain tile par excellence. Its very high quality and attention to detail are synonymous with contemporary design.  A collection of new, large formats suitable for interiors matching creatively tradition and modernity. Definite contrasts for those who wish to be daring with style and originality.

Revision porcelain coordinating floor and wall tile includes new, large formats suitable for interiors. The black wall panel (pictured), made of Revisions stripes, emphasizes the vertical dimension of the bathroom, according to the manufacturer. With soft colors, the product helps to define a personal and intimate space.

This tile is an excellent choice for places that require unique accents or a statement to be made.

The purpose of Ragno is to offer customers in the United States porcelain tiles whose quality is unmatched by any local or Italian producer, available locally with the lead times and freight costs of a domestically made tile. This is extremely important for a tight building schedule.

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H20 Mop – reader question

standalone-300x214Question: I have Wilsonart Estate Plus Laminate flooring – Kota Slate.  I am interested in using a new product called the H2O Mop which employs steam to clean and sanitize the floor.  They claim that this product is usable on all types of flooring, including laminate, with one caveat, that the floors are sealed.  It uses steam which is immediately sucked up, exposing the floor to minimum moisture.  I would like to know if this cleaning method would be safe to use on my flooring or if the steam or heat would be detrimental to it.  It looks to be very efficient in its cleaning.

Can you recommend this cleaning method for my flooring product?  Have you had others who have used it and shared their experiences?  It seems that you would like to recommend it to customers if it is a successful method for cleaning your floors.  All info regarding this mopping system can be found online.  It appears to be a better cleaning system than others (Bona)offered at this time.  I would appreciate any feedback/recommendations that you have.  Thank you.


According to H20 Mop’s technical / customer service they confirmed that the product is safe on floors that are sealed, but they did say to be cautious with the joints of the laminate. They said if the steam can get down in those joints then it could cause delamination. They have heard reports of the laminate coming up or delaminating in the corners. This could also make the joints expand and contract leaving your floor warped or buckled.

Since laminate is such a low maintenance product, I would recommend following the advice on our website:
rather than taking the chance of harming your laminate floors. Although if you really want to use the product, they do recommend testing the mop in an inconspicuous area first.

Using a manufacture approved floor cleaner should be all you need to keep your floors clean and sanitized!