ThermoSoft Intros WarmStep Radiant Heating System

WarmStep from ThermoSoft International Corp., a manufacturer of do it yourself radiant floor heat systems, is specially designed for installation not only under the usual floor coverings: ceramic tile, marble, porcelain and stone, but it can also be installed under all types of laminate, engineered wood and wood floors.

WarmStep installs on virtually any subfloor and under any floor covering. WarmStep is so versatile that this one system can meet the heating demands of almost any floor. WarmStep can even be installed under carpet, vinyl tile and glued down floors under a layer of self-leveling cement, for heated floors anywhere throughout the home.

“Most radiant floor heating systems must be embedded in cement mortar before laying laminate and other floating floors,” said Dr. Eric Kochman, President of ThermoSoft International Corporation. “But not WarmStep! WarmStep is installed above the underlayment pad and directly under floating laminate, engineered wood or wood floors — without cement! This can save consumers expensive installation costs in addition to reducing their energy costs.”

WarmStep also reduces installation time. WarmStep’s standard sizes can be stocked for easy on-site fitment to any floor; its heating cable is factory mounted on rolls of fiberglass mesh which can be rolled out and the mesh can be cut so that WarmStep can be turned in any direction to fit the floor. No on-site splice connections or special tools are necessary.

WarmStep’s construction-grade fiberglass mesh provides an anti-fracture membrane that strengthens and prevents floor cracks in ceramic tile and other cementious floors. ThermoSoft also provides an InstAlarm(R)monitor that that will sound an alarm if the floor warming mat is damaged resulting in a short or open circuit, ensuring contractor and installer peace-of-mind, trouble-free installation and perfectly heated floors and warm tile.

Laminate Flooring Poll

As of right now, 106 of you have cast your vote on the laminate flooring poll.

36% think it is cheap.

Some laminate floors can be cheap, but keep in mind that there are laminate floors available that are very high quality and can cost even more than regular hardwood. I think laminate got a bad reputation when it first came out, but through consumer awareness and new product introductions, laminate is proving itself to be a worthwhile flooring purchase.

11% think it is loud and clicky

Again, in the past this could be said about some laminate floors. Since the introduction of laminate, improvements have been made in the underlayment used for laminate floors. With some of the newer laminate floors it is almost impossible to tell whether you are walking on laminate or hardwood.

11% think it scratches easily and will not hold up to your family and traffic patterns.

Laminate floors have learned alot from the laminate countertop industry. Considerable amounts of resin have been added to the wear layer that allow some manufacturers to brag that their floors are no 10 to 20 times harder than laminate countertops. Since the resin filled wear layer is so dense, that makes it extremely difficult to scratch or stain.

42% think it is a great product that will give you the look of hardwood for less money and is more practical for your family and traffic patterns.

This happens to be the vote I cast. Laminate floors are designed to be less expensive than most hardwoods while giving you the same realistic look. These floors can be more practical for your family and traffic patterns.

If you are interested in learning more about laminate flooring, click here. If you are interested in purchasing laminate floors and need to find a retailer in your area, click here.