How to use the hot colors for 2009

dsc04078Earlier this month we talked about the color trends shown a Surfaces and what’s hot for 2009, Among the colors that were shown were greens, blues, oranges neutrals and warm earthy colors. Here are some tips on where you can use these colors in your home. You can make big changes like changing out the floors or you can make small temporary changes like changing out accessories.

  • Choose hardwoods that are warm, rich and earthy in color. If you are considering changing hardwoods, keep these trends in mind
  • Choose carpets in warm neutrals or these colors with lots of texture
  • Use area rugs on top of those hardwoods that have greens, blues and rich oranges for accent color
  • Use accent pullows on the sofa that have these colors
  • Change out lamp shades to incorporate these colors
  • Change out bedding or using accent pillows on bedding
  • Use colorful candles

You can go overboard by using too many of these tips and hints – use these tips wisely! If you decide to make smaller accessory changes you don’t have to make a huge investment to have the current trends represented in your home. Give some of these a try and seeĀ  how you like being a trendsetter!

The Amazing Floors of Wicanders

Cork Oak is currently one of the most fashionable new flooring trends used by internationally renowned interior designers, and is quickly becoming a favorite option for environmentally conscientious builders today. The remarkable properties of sustainable Cork Oak have been well cherished in the Mediterranean for centuries. Take a minute to behold the amazing natural insulating, silencing, and health benefits of beautiful Cork Oak Floors.

Amorim, based in Portugal, has been the world leader in Cork Oak for over 130 years, and is proudly introducing Wicanders brand of naturally unique Cork Oak Flooring. Years of research and development performed exclusively for Wicanders have produced patented Noise Reduction Technology (NRT), Wear Resistance Technology (WRT) and High Performance Surface (HPS) which dramatically enhance the remarkable natural benefits of beautiful Cork Oak Floors. Wicanders is the only brand that extends decades of attentive dedication to each Cork Oak Floor, from seedling to installation and preservation. Behold the beautiful benefits of Cork Oak Floors for yourself. An array of innovative, alluring collections are presently being unveiled across the globe.

The WicCork and WicWood Collections represent stories collected from generations dwelling deep within the Mediterranean forestland. Nurturing, innovation, and creative design are themes ingrained within each of Wicanders Collections. Combined with the hottest international interior designers, WicCork and WicWood Collections define the latest in timelessly fashionable, timelessly functional flooring.

The richly textured WicCork Originals Collection with names such as Rhapsody, Accent, Symphony, Harmony, and Dawn, deeply draw you to their astonishing striking beauty. Nightshade, Cool Crimson, Caramel, and Champagne define the smooth elegance of WicCork’s Personality Collection. The Vintage and Classics Collections of WicWood in shades of Cherry, Beech Plank, Maple and Mahogany are as breathtaking as the forests from which they are born. Unlike other floor brands, Amorim’s Wicanders Collections of Cork Oak Floors truly are nurtured from seedling.

While Wicanders Cork Oak Floors are natural insulators from the noisy hustle and bustle of everyday life, they insulate your space from the cold chill of the outside world as well. Cork Oak Floors are truly nurturing soles! WicCork and WicWood Floors decrease thermal transfer by astonishing amounts. Natural Cork Oak Flooring seems to have the warmth of its Mediterranean roots locked into every cell. This unique cushion of Cork Oak has the ability to warmly nestle each room better than any conventional flooring on the market.

Wicanders Cork Oak Floors are safe for your family… and for their families! By choosing WicCork and WicWood Collections you are supporting an environmentally friendly, renewable, recyclable, sustainable material whose source will prosper throughout generations to come.

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