Aging in place is becoming more and more of a concern with new builders, re-modelers and adults with aging parents.There are many concerns that have to be considered such as heights of certain objects, width of certain areas for wheel chair access, slip resistant surfacing and more.

Some of the flooring considerations and guidelines:

  • Smooth, non-glare, slip-resistant surfaces, interior and exterior
  • If carpeted, use low (less than ½ inch high pile) density, with firm pad
  • Color/texture contrast to indicate change in surface levels

Some bathroom considerations as it pertains to flooring and tiled areas:

  • Wall support and provision for adjustable and/or varied height counters and removable base cabinets
  • Contrasting color edge border at countertops
  • Bracing in walls around tub, shower, shower seat and toilet for installation of grab bars to support 250 – 300 pounds
  • If stand-up shower is used in main bath, it is curbless and minimum of 36 inches wide
  • Bathtub – lower for easier access
  • Fold down seat in the shower
  • Adjustable/ handheld showerheads, 6-foot hose
  • Shower stall with built-in antibacterial protection
  • Wall-hung sink with knee space and panel to protect user from pipes
  • Slip-resistant flooring in bathroom and shower

There is a council designed especially for more knowledge on aging in place called The National Aging in Place Council.The National Aging in Place Council is a membership organization founded on the belief that an overwhelming majority of older Americans want to remain in their homes for as long as possible, but lack awareness of home and community-based services that make independent living possible.  NAIPC has created a national forum for individuals from the aging, healthcare, financial services, legal, design and building sectors to work together to help meet the needs of our growing aging population, so they can continue living in the housing of their choice


To learn more about aging in place, click here for the National Aging in Place Council.


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Responses to “Aging In Place Guidelines for Flooring”

Bill Flavlel

Great Post Shannon,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the advice. Aging in place is really a powerful movement. We publish two blogs on in home care that helps people stay in their homes longer and age in the way they choose.
Keep up the great posts,

B Spooner

Thanks for the great info. This is very useful tips that we should keep in our mind while flooring . We should always concern with the experts for better flooring solution.


Good post shanon,
Thanks for advice. people want to stay long in their homes and if better flooring then their desire for living long in homes increased too many times.


Nice advice,



Hey shanon anything new?
Post something new buddy


Hey Shanon…
Post something new buddy

Patrick Roden

I once heard someone say you can’t shoot a cannon out of a canoe; meaning you need a good solid foundation from which to negotiate life. Thanks for this insight on flooring and successful aging in place. You have provided food for thought and I will focus more on the importance of flooring in remaining home by choice.

Best, Patrick Roden

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It is good that more builders are considering these important factor when building home, it can save the owners a lot of money in the long term.

Jennifer Hunsicker

I love that you addressed such a important topic! As a caregiver of my 76yr-young grandmother it is close to my heart. This sector is growing and the tile industry is addressing consumer concerns. Florida Tile now labels their products that are A.D.A. compliant, Americans with Disabilities Act, so that consumers can make educated decisions. Other flooring manufacturers do not use the ADA label, so custonsumers may ask their tile consultant about “Coefficient of Friction” for proper guidelines of slip resistance.

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