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At Home With Commercial Carpet

Annette Callari, A.S.I.D.; CMG

Sharing creative ideas is a big part of what WFCA wants to bring to its readership. So I’d like to share a little designer secret with you–something I’ve done for quite some time with my residential clients–and something that can open a whole new world of carpets to you.

There are so many beautiful styles available residentially, mainly as a result of the sophisticated, highly computerized (multi-million dollar) machinery mills have invested in. The result of that product development has brought to market breathtaking and luxurious styles. But every now and then, I have clients who are looking for something very tailored, super-functional, and totally outside-the-box of traditional residential styling. These are my “Main Street Commercial” cross-over customers, and I know exactly what they are looking for.

This desire for low-profile, high style carpets is not just for architects’ or engineers’ homes anymore. Commercial styles are finding their way into YOUR homes more and more. Several reasons could be sighted for this phenomenon:

  1. Aesthetics are totally unique and offer sophisticated designs.
  2. Functionality is off the charts! Many of the carpets are solution dyed, which means the dye is actually in the fibers at the time of extrusion. This makes the carpet almost impervious to most stains (you could spill bleach and not affect it), and they are extremely fade-resistant.
  3. Many styles come in carpet tile format. Tiles are easily interchanged or replaced as needed, and the end result is a floor that looks newer longer.
  4. Low profile commercial carpets are children and pet friendly (but stay away from loop styles if your pet has claws). Your toddler likes to ride his Big Wheel in the house? No problem.
  5. As many of us are tending to our aging parents, if they are using walkers or wheelchairs, low-profile commercial style carpets will be a safer choice for your home.
  6. Color lines are not as extensive as residential carpets, but palettes offer very livable colors for the home. Loops, cut piles and amazing patterns are all part of
    commercial libraries, and you just have to ASK your retailer to see his commercial styles. (They are sampled in architect folders, but larger samples can be ordered.)
  7. If you are committed to sustainability and recycling, you especially will want to reseaShaw - Site Linesrch commercial carpets. Most mills have a recycling program already in place. As an example, Shaw Industries has created a line of commercial carpets that are 100% recyclable (Eco-Solution Q), including the carpet backing! And I’m talking cradle-to-cradle recycling. Their Type 6 nylon can be broken down into the basic raw materials, and rebuilt into brand new carpet. The products have labels attached to the back with phone numbers of whom to call to pick the used carpet up when you are ready to replace it. Eco-Solution Q products are just one example of the commitment commercial (and residential) carpet manufacturers have made to the cause of recycling.

So there you have a look into the world of commercial carpet—it’s different and it’s fascinating–something new for you to consider as you are planning your future interior design. The styles are stunning and truly artistic, and if functionality is at the top of your list, this may be just the solution for you.

Posted Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 at 10:29 am
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Responses to “At Home With Commercial Carpet”


Mohawk has a very good green program for commercial and residential carept as well.

sara baldwin

What a great blog! I am so happy to have found you and I will now check out your bath blog as well. Oh, and we (New Ravenna) supply stone mosaics to Waterworks and others–if you ever need any info just let me know.


Believe it or not, many of these same ideas/principles also apply to the area rug industry. Thanks for a great blog post!


@Jeff, nowadays all manufacturer already put they green program up front, I guess. So, more great products means good for customers.

And carpets also do not want to left behind, imho. They came in better and better quality.

Giulia Relation

So you say carpets are in again? I was browsing through interior design catalogs and I got the impression that wooden floors are the hit right now. Although I think carpets are more beautiful as far as color and design is concerned, wood is far easier to keep clean.

Inez Braz

I think there’s going to be a greater demand for residential carpet tile in the future. It’s more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than roll carpet; if damage occurs you only have to replace a small area rather than an entire room. Carpet manufacturers who start producing a greater selection of carpet tiles in residential colours and patterns, will do very well with tomorrow’s consumer.

Annette Callari

Some great comments on the “At Home With Commercial Carpet” blog. I thank each of you for your insights. I do agree that carpet tiles will find a new “home” on the residential scene. The versatility and easy-replacement option is just too attractive for this not to happen soon. Thanks for your comments and keep on reading…

Chris Builder

Annette, you explain the great reasons that people should perhaps choose commercial carpet for their home improvement options. The ability to be able to replace individual tiles should there be an unlikely need is a great benefit. Perhaps it is also something that insurance companies could consider offering lower premiums for as normal domestic one run carpets when damaged of course usually means that the whole area must be replaced.

My grandfather had a low profile commercial carpet, although not in tiles, throughout his small unit. We did this because of the fact that he was using a walker and he tended to spill all manner of things as well.

There is a reasonable range of colors and designs that are suitable for homes and not just offices so anyone building a new home, or even new home builders should perhaps consider these option for flooring.

Great advice, yet again. Thanks Annette.



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