How To Build A Design From The Floor Up…

Submitted By:  Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID, CMG

LevisWFCA’s very popular Floor Talk is dedicated to what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s “news” in home decorating.  Of course, every type of flooring will have its turn in the spotlight as this year progresses, but we understand that you have to think holistically when creating a new design.  So, to build on all the great floor covering information you have received (and will continue to receive throughout 2009), let’s address what happens after your flooring decision is made.  What do you do with your walls to coordinate with that beautiful new floor?

When you think of the Levis name brand, what comes to mind?  Of course—it would have to be jeans.  Marketing geniuses agree that the brand is so successful, that it has become an interchangeable synonym for everybody’s Saturday morning, ‘kickin’-around-the-house’ blue jeans.  You think of comfort, quality, and easy maintenance with the Levis brand.  And wouldn’t it be nice if we could translate that “feel” to our home interiors!  Well now you can. What would you say if I told you that Levis also manufactures a quality collection of oil-based and water-based home interior and exterior paints!  These paints are luxury class products that definitely live up to the Levis name.  The color catalog offers thousands of colors in matte or satin finishes to suit your every mood and taste.  Add to that an entire menu of decorative effects paints, and the artist in you will come alive.  For more information, check out their website at  (These wonderful products are made in Belgium.)

untitledWhile researching Levis Ambiance Paints, I stumbled upon another decorating treasure that I wanted to share with you.  ‘The Stencil Library’ website (home based in the UK) is an eclectic collection of every type of wall stencil you can imagine.  They’ve incorporated Levis colors into their collection to make decorating even easier.  This manufacturer claims to have the largest mail-order collection of stencils in the world, and from the extent of their catalog, I believe it.   From classical architectural stencils to Art Deco themes, you are sure to find something you love.  If you are looking for larger-than-life wall appliqués, you will find them at The Stencil Library .  There is a renewed resurgence in the popularity of stencils as an alternative to traditional wall coverings for several reasons.  First of all, it’s a less expensive way to decorate large expanses of negative (blank) wall space, and when you are ready for a change, removal is quick and easy.  Get creative and enjoy browsing–here’s proof that shopping globally for your interiors has now become a reality.