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Concrete flooring is growing in popularity as more homeowners realize the fantastic benefits concrete offers. Additionally, new processes and technologies have been developed to make concrete one of the most affordable and versatile flooring materials. There aren’t many disadvantages associated with concrete flooring. However, homeowners should consider whether the benefits of concrete flooring outweigh the few disadvantages.

The Benefits of Concrete Flooring

Eco-Friendly & Energy Saving – If sustainability and eco-friendliness are important to you, then concrete flooring is a great option. Concrete floors are eco-friendly for several reasons:

1) They use less energy in production compared to any other flooring type.

2) No trees need to be cut down. 

3) Concrete is recyclable.

4) Choosing concrete floors helps minimize waste. Other flooring types create lots of waste, such as the waste from carpet padding and carpet scraps.

5) Concrete floors do not contain harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as many synthetic carpets do.

Concrete floors have energy-saving capabilities. They can make you feel cooler in the summer, so there is less of a need to use the air conditioning. During the winter, concrete floors absorb the heat from the sun, helping to keep your home warm.

Economical – Concrete flooring allows you to save by eliminating the need to purchase an additional floor covering. When you choose concrete flooring, the floor slab is the floor covering.

Cost-Efficient – The average cost of concrete flooring is more than other residential flooring types but the return is higher as the floor will never need replacement. The higher cost results from the finishing of the floors, often completed by a concrete artisan. The average cost for concrete floor installation (including the decorative finishing) is about $15-$18 per square foot.

Design Options – There are literally endless design options. Concrete floor artisans can create and design a floor to your specifications.

Concrete FlooringDurable – Concrete floors can last a lifetime if maintained properly. There are no tears, staining, flood damage or signs of wear associated with concrete flooring.

Low Maintenance – Depending on the amount of traffic, concrete floors need to be resealed about every two years. This inexpensive process will help ensure a long life for your floors.  Cleaning is easy: simply sweep and wash with vinegar or a gentle floor cleaner.

Improves Indoor Air Quality – Unlike carpeting, concrete floors do not harbor dust mites. For allergy sufferers, concrete floors can be a blessing.

Professional Installation – Concrete floor installation must be installed by an expert. It cannot be completed as a DIY project, whereas other flooring types can.

Messy Installation – Concrete installation is an extremely messy process.
Care needs to be taken to protect the walls and furniture in your home during installation.

Hard and Cold – Some homeowners who have installed concrete floors report feeling cold, despite adding area rugs. Additionally, concrete floors can be tiring for those standing on it for a long period of time.

Re-sealing – While maintenance is rare for light traffic areas, concrete floors with high traffic must be re-sealed every few months.

Transmits Sound Easily – Even after placement of area rugs, some homeowners feel that concrete floors transmit too much sound and create echoes.

Not for Every Floor – Before considering a concrete floor, consult an experienced concrete contractor who has installed similar floors. Often, extra preparation to the subsurface and structural support is necessary and can add to your installation costs.

Cost – Custom designed concrete floors can be expensive. If you choose to add several colors and designs, you can end up paying $30 per square foot (or more).

Written by Marcy Tate
Marcy is a home improvement blogger at She has been working with concrete contractors for over a decade.


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Responses to “Concrete Flooring: The Pros vs. Cons”

jason wind

Thanks for the info Mary–I have been speaking with a contractor about installing concrete flooring in the new restaurant I’m opening. I’ll take this into consideration in my choice.


I don’t think there are many cons for the concrete floor. But there are a wide range of colors and patterns that can be achieved more easiy. Tile, marble, faux finishes and even geographic patterns can be painted.


What about pets? I was wondering how the concrete floors would hold up two lab dogs?? Would appreciate any feed back!


I live in the Los Angeles area and I have been looking for the materials to add a concrete floor to my bathroom. All I find online are contractors but I just need the right material for the Job. I know there is a special concrete that is purposely for indoor use. Can you lead me to a vendor where I can find it? Thanks!


Would you use concrete floor in a senior center?
When the floor gets wet is it slick how safe is it for our seniors who stand to play pool? and are in walkers and wheel chairs?

Annette Callari

I would not specify concrete floors for the senior center, as a designer. Although there are matte finishes that make it less slippery when wet, there are other factors to consider. A floor with more cushion would be senior-friendly: laminates and even vinyl might be a consideration. Creative new styles in vinyl make it worth researching for your project. It’s warm, inviting, easier to stand on, and wheelchair friendly. Hope that is helpful…

Concrete Polishing Equipment

Concrete floors in the home is something that should be seriously considered before making that investment. If possible, find somewhere that has a concrete floor that you can spend some time in. Take notice of how the floor makes you feel.

In commercial applications, though, there are not many downfalls. As you mention, it is more cost effective than other types of flooring, and it looks spectacular when finished.

As with anything other type of commercial flooring, you’ll want to take precaution to avoid slips and falls – such as rubber mats in high traffic or high-moisture areas.

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