Not your mother’s carpet…

Submitted By:  Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID, CMG

America is in love with hard surface floors.  It’s true and for a reason:  they are gorgeous.  But we are also programmed to seek out sensory comforts every chance we get, and once that gene kicks in, our thoughts turn to plush, soft, luxurious carpet.  What America has discovered (through trial and error) is that a pleasing balance of soft to hard surfaces in our homes is what really works for us.

(B) NOURISONGiven that fact, it’s time for me to update you on a line of carpets I discovered at Surfaces 2010 (huge flooring trade show in Las Vegas).  Since we are focusing on smaller areas to carpet in our homes, why not splurge and investigate some higher-end styles?  Nourison Carpets fits the bill and captivated me on multiple levels. New constructions, new products, and even new levels of customization were introduced. 

Their Miami Broadloom Collection set the bar high for all other manufacturers, as to styling.  Sometimes words fall short of conveying a visual—but I will try.  Super-plush, sculpted graphic designs are the signature look of this Collection.  The large patterned graphics simulate gently flowing trellis motifs, soft-contemporary graphics, and bolder modular designs.  The velvety feel of these sculpted surfaces is bound to hook any sensory creature, but the extreme comfort underfoot is what reels you in for sure.

Nourison is very proud of their “hand-embossing” techniques that enhance the depth of each design.  The word “artwork” comes to mind as you flip through their library of styles.  Definitely a cut-above when it comes to fresh styling and detail.  To complete the package, these three transitional and modern designs come in a subtle, tonal color palette.  Very understated–and THAT speaks volumes about the elegance of these broadloom carpets.  AND, they are American made in Calhoun, Georgia.

Let’s not ignore the subject of area rugs.  Sometimes, that is just the right solution to soften and define spaces in our homes.  Nourison has that category covered as well.  They spoke to me about their Redi-Weave Five Star Custom Axminster Program.  (Right about now, you are saying speak English please.)  In layman’s terms, Axminster rugs are intricate designs produced on special machinery to accomplish a truly hand-woven look.  Nourison’s program is designed to offer custom looks while providing versatility, low minimum yardage requirements (40 sq. yards!), and a wealth of colors to choose from.  You can choose one of their designs, or tweak it to come up with one of your own.  They’ll even provide you with strike-offs for your approval before you place an order.  Now design doesn’t get any easier than that.

I commented earlier in this blog that Nourison set the bar high on styling and creativity.  That is excellent news for every consumer because manufacturers are all working overtime to one-up each other.  The result is carpeting that should be named something else—because it certainly has little resemblance to trite carpets of prior decades.  Aesthetics are superior.  Clean-ability is built-in.  And lucky, lucky us—we have access to beauty and comfort in one outstanding product.