Easiest Flooring Ever

By Steve Cooper

Terrace_72002Look what they’ve cooked up in a lab: the best flooring science can deliver.

The current crop of resilient flooring is proof that flooring science is continually evolving. Today’s advanced floors are easier than ever to install, maintain and live with through the years.

Exhibit A is Congoleum’s latest flexible resilient sheet flooring, called AirStep Evolution SDS. The characteristics of this flooring shows how fast floor science is advancing:

• Design. As with so many flooring lines today, Evolution offers a number of desirable design choices. They have the look you want.
• Comfort. There’s a reason this material is called AirStep. Leg fatigue is a thing of the past when you walk on this cushioned surface. It’s also warm and quiet.
• UltraTec™ Premium Construction assures that the floor will lay flat—no curling at the ends as with some other resilient flooring. Evolution is so stable that it lay loose. That is, it can be simply set in place in some situations, rather than installed with adhesives. It’s a great choice for do-it-yourselfers.
• Stain resistance. The SDS in the name stands for Stain Defense System. Silver, nature’s own antibacterial protection, guards against bacteria, mold, and mildew. No chemical cleaners, detergents or polish are needed for cleanups. Simply wipe up messes or use a damp mop.
• Environmentally friendly. The material has been certified compliant with national and state standards for off-gassing by FloorScore, a third-party certifier. Breathe easy.
• Lifetime warranty. Evolution is backed for life against material defects and wear.

Homeowners can count on this and other current flooring technologies to give them years of carefree, durable wear. The men and women in the lab have your back—and your flooring.

For more information on flooring visit the World Floor Covering Association’s Consumer Carpet & Flooring Guide.

Viva Italia

By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

Kreoo-Fenice-Graffiti_webNo doubt you have heard that Italians are very colorful people.  Having traveled Italy, I can definitely vouch for that.  Not only their architecture, but their fashion and interiors all embrace color.  And the word ‘colorful’ can be interpreted through personality as well.   I’ve never been to Chiampo Italy, but I would have to say these people are truly colorful, friendly, and willing to please the American market.  At least those that I met personally at Surfaces/Stone Expo all fit that description.

Their tradeshow exhibit was a testament to remarkable craftsmanship using granite, marble, travertine and onyx as blank canvases for their work.  The parent company is  Ferrarigraniti, and they certainly know how to work magic with stone. One of several lines represented by Ferrarigraniti was Kreoo by Decormarmi. These “artists” use precision water-jet machinery to cut organic, curvilinear designs into pure marble, producing stunning visuals with deep tactile dimension to each stone surface.  From a designer’s standpoint, my imagination ran wild as to the possible applications of these unique stone creations: custom fireplace surrounds and mantels; decorative wall cladding for commercial projects; hospitality lobbies; residential backsplashes and elegant tub surrounds—just to name a few.

Kreoo-Pave-Seating-System_webAt the same booth (and if you were at Surfaces, this will jog your memory for sure) another partner company to Ferrarigraniti displayed amazing carved seating, formed from natural woods and hand-sanded to a stunning, satiny finish.  They were shaped like healthy, oversized mushrooms sprouting from a lush forest floor.  Cute is a word I seldom use, but it certainly describes these clever, adult-sized wooden stools very well.  If the Italians were looking for a way to steal attention, they certainly found it.  They stacked the mushroom stools up front, using that to draw crowds into their space to then discover treasures in carved stone.  What a combination!  What ingenuity!   I would suggest you investigate more—it’s worth it.  For more information, or perhaps the Kreoo catalog, contact giacomo@ferrarigraniti.com.  Her English may not be expansive, but her willingness to please certainly is.

For more information on flooring visit the World Floor Covering Association’s Consumer Carpet & Flooring Guide.