Disney Takes The Floor

Submitted by Annette Callari, ASID: Chair Holder, CMG

disney_smallIf there is a child in your family, you are—no doubt—well versed in the adventures of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie the Cowgirl and a myriad of other eloquent characters.  The precious 18- month-old baby in my life watches Toy Story at least once a day–really.  These characters have become pretty important “friends” in his baby life.  So I find it quite impressive that Disney has found a way for Toy Story friends, plus princesses, fairies, and even talking Cars to become part of your home design!

What is this mystery product that can bring these characters to life in a home goods product?   It’s a durable, colorful, wood laminate floor covering with Disney characters imprinted right into the wood finish.   Headquartered in Adairsville, Georgia, Home Legend is the manufacturer, and they can claim 60 years of experience producing quality wood and laminate floor coverings.  Their brilliant idea to align with Disney has led to a playful collection of laminate floors that will win hearts and consumers’ dollars around the world. 

More than just an inspired marketing idea, the product itself has some powerful selling features:  creative design (of course), but add to that durability, ease of installation and maintenance, and the unbeatable combination of value, aesthetics and performance.

Let’s focus on one of their most popular styles– the “Disney by Home Legends” Andy’s Toys pattern.  The wood laminate planks come 7 9/16 x 47 ¾.  The blue printed floor can be installed on, above or below grade, making it a great choice for bedrooms, basement rooms, attic rooms or playrooms.  A sound-proofing foam underlayment is attached to the boards to improve acoustics and help with noise reduction. This is a click/lock product installation (suitable for DIY-ers) and can be installed over concrete or wooden subfloors.  The entire Disney collection from Home Legends is suitable for residential use only, but the warranty that comes with these products shows how much confidence the manufacturer has in its performance.  A 50-year wear, and lifetime structural manufacturer’s warranty are pretty serious endorsements.  Disney Cars Spin-out and the Disney Princess Enchanted Ball Collections deserve a serious look as well.  Pastel backgrounds set the stage for the character imprints, and the end result is beyond enchanting.

Disney may very well be one of the most recognized brands in the entire world, and teaming Disney with Home Legends goes beyond “inspired”.  To see the complete cast of characters etched into remarkable laminate floors, visit HomeLegend.com and get acquainted.  If you truly want to bring home a bit of the Magic Kingdom, you’ll find out exactly how to do that.

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WFCA Eases Floor Shopping Experience

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For more information on flooring visit the World Floor Covering Association’s Consumer Carpet & Flooring Guide.