Colorful Building Blocks For Your Floor

By Annette M. Callari, ASID; CMG 

MODULARITYTILE4In my last Designer’s Corner post  I promised to let you in on a colorful new discovery in floor coverings.  My earlier Building Blocks blog talked about line, form and shape taking center stage as you create your designs. Of course you can do this with furnishings, wall treatments, or accessories, but I’ve also found a way for you to define those elements with floor coverings.

Enter Modularity Tiles, a division of Signature Flooring, home based in NYC.  They’ve honed in on the artistic importance of form and shape and have taken it to staggering new levels.   Want to build your design around floor art?  Think of children’s play rooms or bedrooms, a baby’s nursery, or a high-contemporary kitchen, office or home theater as the perfect application for Modularity Tiles.  Any one of these rooms could carry off a focal point floor that also happens to be hypoallergenic, slip-resistant, and easily cleaned.  Factor in the ability to change out a damaged tile easily, and you have all the ingredients for a floor with flair and longevity.

MODULARITYTILE1Geometric and color driven, Modularity Tiles are 1ft x 1ft vinyl tiles with interchangeable die-cut shapes that you can mix and match, using a palette of 17 colors. Thousands of patterns can be created using just three basic shapes and the designated color palette.  Depending on the colors you choose, you can accomplish high-contrast drama or quiet definition.  Having that choice is what makes this line versatile and pure fun. 

The manufacturer advertises the product as suitable for semi-permanent, permanent or even temporary use. The tiles are easily laid using adhesive strips, and also offer easy removal.  According to their Marketing Department:

“Modularity Tiles can be used by homeowners, apartment dwellers, architects and designers and are suitable for permanent, semi-permanent or temporary use. DIY’ers will delight in its simplicity and price tag. Pros will applaud the creative freedom and statement-making possibilities. Our innovative new vinyl flooring tiles will change the way you think about vinyl flooring forever. We aren’t the last-resort flooring option of the past, but the one-of-a-kind creative flooring (and wallcovering) solution of the future.”

MODTILE-3Their website, has a wealth of information, including a “ModulizeIt” on-screen design tool.  It can help you create your design and calculate quantities.  What I like about this discovery is that it offers something unusual, and they’ve still found a way to keep it simple.  Of course, you don’t have to install it yourself, the website can direct you to professional installation firms that will do it for you.  If you’d rather talk to a design consultant personally, they have a toll free number as well (866-471-1022). 

As an interior designer (and a consumer) I’m attracted to products that are playful and fun to live with.  I’m also highly attuned to cost-efficient products that suit tight budgets while satisfying cutting edge design.  I think Modularity Tiles offer the key to both of those criteria, in a colorful, brilliant new way.

For more information on flooring visit the World Floor Covering Association’s Consumer Carpet & Flooring Guide.