Art Lovers’ Carpets

By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

KANE-CPT-ACTION-PACKED-I_smKane Carpet Mills has demonstrated a flair for international design and color when it comes to three new introductions they’ve launched.  Strongly colorful and a bit shocking, here are three choices that will make you take a second look.

Action Packed I is definitely not easy to describe, so I am posting a picture with this blog and daring you to put it into your own words–if you can.  Tell me what comes to mind at first sight and leave me a comment on this blog site (just click on “comment”) so we all can enjoy your interpretation.  One of the great color drivers of the next few years is going to be medical science and health influences.  Well what I see in this design is a stylized cellular structure (as if under a microscope), with bold sweeps of circular color.  It’s playful and energetic and would create a memorable area rug, bordered inset, or broadloom application.

KANE-CPT-ACTION-PACKED-II_smThe flip side to this display board is Action Packed II.  Prismatic, dynamic and geometric—just looking at this pattern makes you happy.  Kane has definitely taken an artist’s approach to these designs and each pattern is truly unique. 

The third pattern I chose to highlight is called Escape.  Zebra stripes with a large pattern repeat bring an exotic touch to this carpet.  While animal prints have been hugely popular for the last few years, Escape is a fresh take on the theme.  The colors are “out of the box”, so to speak, a favorite being black stripes on a purple background.  If you want to create a magnetic focal point for any room AND you happen to love purple, here’s your carpet. 

KANE-CPT-ESCAPE_smEach one of these stand-out styles features 100% Ultra-fine Heat-set Eurolon™, which is a solution-dyed polypropylene fiber.  That means the carpets are colorfast and easily cleanable.  Woven in 13’ widths, some rooms can be done with no seams at all.  High-contrast consumers—you’re going to love all three of these styles.  Kane Carpet has been manufacturing in the United States since 1947, and in a recent retailer survey, was voted “one of the top five U.S.A. carpet manufacturers for design”.  Now that’s something to be proud of.  For more information about their rug and broadloom collections, visit

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Best Installation of Hardwood Flooring

By Steve Cooper

ManningtonChesapeakeHickoryDavid Letterman has a gap between his front teeth. So does Madonna. And in his first Rocky movie, Sylvester Stallone gave the boxer some lines about gaps in our lives. “We all have gaps,” he tells his love, Adrian.

However, if you are having new hardwood flooring installed, the last thing you want are gaps. Yet, it’s a potential problem when an installation is botched. The reason? Wood is wood.

Like all wood products, solid hardwood flooring will expand and contract as the temperature and moisture levels change in a house. Extreme swings in these levels may even affect the stability of engineered wood flooring.

Protect against this problem by acclimating new wood flooring to your home prior to installation. Acclimation is simple. It just means that new flooring should be unboxed in your home and left to react to conditions for a week or two. Check with your flooring manufacturers for their specific recommendations for acclimating your type of floor.

While the wood is open to household air, you should keep your home’s temperature and humidity set at its usual levels. You won’t notice it anything happening, but solid wood may expand or contract significantly and there may be some movement with engineered products.

Finally, ask your installer to check the moisture content with a wood moisture meter before starting the job. Proceed with the installation only if the moisture level is within the amount stated by the manufacturer.

If the installer doesn’t pay attention to this issue, gaps may soon appear in your flooring. Better to avoid such a rocky start with new hardwood.

For more information on flooring visit the World Floor Covering Association’s Consumer Carpet & Flooring Guide.

Photo:  Mannington Chesapeake Hickory