Lines, Mosaics And Swirls Oh My!

By Annette Callari, Allied ASID; Chair Holder, Color Marketing Group

I couldn’t resist using a play on words from The Wizard of Oz, ”lions, tigers and bears, oh my!” But in this case, lines, mosaics and swirls (oh my!) are the descriptives for something new in carpet.
When I discover something so incredibly different from the thousands of carpet choices out there, I have a responsibility to let you know about it.

Kane Carpet Mills is the reason for my excitement. Their tag line reads, “In the beginning, there was Kane Carpet…” Although their origins may not exactly be rooted in biblical times, they have been
manufacturing carpet in America since 1947. Now that’s a pretty good track record. Take a look at these break-away styles Kane has created –

RIGOLETTO_350 RIGOLETTO – sophisticated swirls are carved into the plush carpet face, giving it a velvety, dimensional look. If you are looking for something high style, this is it.
MOSAIC_350 MOSAICS – High-tech and contemporary describe this colorful carpet accurately. Very architectural in its miniature block pattern, this carpet is a scene stealer for any room.
FIESTA_350 FIESTA – this carpet screams “party”. Beyond contemporary, it defies description, so I will let the picture do the job for me.
AMAZING_350 AMAZING – Bold and beautiful come to mind immediately looking at this colorful linear design. Again, this carpet won’t settle for anything less than being the focal point of a room.
SILKEN_DESIRE_350 SILKEN DESIRE – A longer pile height and a silky yarn system combine to create a carpet so soft to the touch, you may think it IS silk. Just the right touch of sheen adds luxury to this multi-colored style.
CHECKERBOARD_350 CHECKERBOARD – Black and white never looked so good. This carpet style is dramatic, that’s for sure, but no need to shy away from it. Checkerboard can underscore the most memorable contemporary room design you can possibly dream up.

All of these winning looks are Wilton-weaves made with Kane’s exclusive Eurolon polypropylene fiber. Since the fiber is solution dyed (color is built right into the fiber), the carpets have superior colorfast properties. The hand is soft and inviting, but still offers great performance characteristics. If this little teaser blog has grabbed your attention (and please leave me a comment if it has), you can explore further by logging on to Kane’s website— (

For more information on flooring visit the World Floor Covering Association’s Consumer Carpet & Flooring Guide.

Area Rugs Define “New Age” Design

By Annette Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

CB058414Every professional interior designer is required to study the History of Furniture and Art History as part of their college curriculum.  This is the best way to gain a long-term perspective and respect for design evolution.   Well, guess what?  Design evolution is not a done deal.  With all due respect to historic design modes, these styles are being modernized and stylized to bring a new breed of interiors to consumers.  It’s exciting and somewhat startling, but decades from now, students will be studying ‘American Modernism’ as part of their design curriculum.

This is not to say that we have thrown out Classical, Contemporary, Country or Transitional design styles.  We are taking the best of each and giving them a fresh look.  Nobody does it better than Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams.  In my opinion, as a veteran interior designer, their interpretations of classic design modes have stunningly redefined interiors.

This furniture manufacturer headquartered in North Carolina designs furniture with a holistic approach to design.  Here is how they represent their philosophy:

“Furnishings from mid-Century to the 1970’s truly inspire us.  We love to bring these wonderful designs from our past into the present… making sure they are clean lined as well as comfortable; reassuringly familiar, yet up to the moment.  …With these pieces, we create rooms in a relaxed modern style—a soothing mix of soft hues and layered textures, accented by pops of color.  Rooms that are simple to update over time.  Easy, uncomplicated, and eco-friendly.”

It is so exciting to see in print exactly the formula I prescribe for every design I create—for both residential and commercial interiors.  If you have followed FloorTalk and Designer’s Corner, then you have read that design is meant to be timeless with a “less is more” theme.  Quality pieces that will become the foundation of your design are meant to be kept for the long-term.  Accent pieces, accessories, toss pillows, and backgrounds can be changed for a minimal investment to keep your rooms fresh.  But it will be the timeless furnishings, well-made and comfortable, that become the cornerstones of your design.

Gold + Williams understands this concept thoroughly, as you can see for yourself on their website www.Mitchell Gold + Bob  Classic Modern, Modern Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern, Modern English and Classic Country are all a part of the new chapters being written in the book of design.  And very interesting to see that each design setting pictured on the website or in their catalog includes rooms underscored with exactly the right area rug.  It defines the space and the “message” the room is meant to convey—via color-rich, textural rugs. As I see design transitioning, area rugs are becoming significant players in every style of design.  From tailored good looks to over-the-top shaggy styles, area rugs are the superstars in pulling the entire room together.  Whether it’s the last item you add, or the launch point for the entire room design, find that perfect area rug to make your personal design statement come to life!

For more information on flooring visit the World Floor Covering Association’s Consumer Carpet & Flooring Guide.