Color Validation

Submitted by Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

We have just ushered in a New Year, and there seems to be a feeling of healthy optimism accompanying the “time odometer” clicking over to 2012.  We have a blank slate, awaiting the next chapter to be written.  The colors we surround ourselves with can bring that much-needed optimism right into our home life.

Mid-year 2011, I used my Color Marketing Group affiliation to project the coming colors for 2012 (published in FloorTalk/”Color Mix”, 5/25/11).  In December I attended a Sherwin-Williams Global Color presentation addressing their take on colors for 2012.  This is always a great opportunity to see if other color professionals are seeing what I’m seeing, and on the same page.  Here’s what Karen Galvin from SW had to say about color directions for the New Year, along with CMG’s predictions:

THEORY:    The overall color palette is earth inspired, heavily influenced by inspiration, energy and spirituality.
I am in total agreement with this observation. CMG may have put it into different words, but the meaning is the same.   We are seizing tradition, reshaping our heritage to create interiors that give a respectful nod to the past.  We have had to dig deep, and tap into our spirituality, to realize our strengths and persist in troubled times.

(SW):  “…reds will be fairly dominant in the palette.  What’s interesting is that there will be an array of reds across the spectrum:  Blue-reds; violets, red-purple, coral and red-orange.”

(CMG): “…reds are spirited and centered around a patriotic, reclaimed red.  This is a saturated red that resonates in many cultures, representing strength and stability.  Consumers are very tuned in to ‘made in America’ products, and this Federal Red is a perfect partner.  Add to this category an energetic red-orange and a deep apricot, drenched in warmth.  Also, look for a pink for grown-ups, not at all prissy, but suitable for men’s ties or shirts, and definitely made for interiors.  Partners well with mid-tone neutrals.

(SW):   “…blues are mega-important.  Represents a gearing-up national growth-engine; also harmony between humans and ocean.  Denim blues resurrect stability and the centuries-old use of denim.  Blue will be predominant in 2012 fashion runway shows and a staple color for electronics.

(CMG): “…a perpetual blue is emerging. Brighter than navy, emerging from the gloom to become an energetic, “made in America” blue hue.  Think denim in every shade.


(SW):  “…add mustard yellow and egg yolk yellow to the palette for 2012.”

(CMG):  Limoncello is a lighter, invigorating yellow with a slight green tint.  It has a translucent quality and freshens up looks from the 1970’s.


(SW):   “…shifting away from yellow greens, we will see more aquatic, verdant grassy green.  Think of land carpets—the wealth of greens we see flying over agricultural land–true botanical greens.

(CMG):  In agreement as to the shift away from yellow-greens.  The new greens are strongly blue-based with a hint of gray to keep them neutral.  Authentically forest-based, clean, playful and slightly edgy are the new greens.


(SW):  “…Inspired by linen, straw, and natural grains.  Neutrals are all organic in origin.”

(CMG):  A yellow-based brown is the new addition to the 2012 palette.  Earthy, but reminiscent of boots, worn saddles and elbow patches, it’s a livable brown.  Other neutrals favor organic materials.

You can see the parallels in both the CMG and Sherwin Williams’ predictions.  A little disparity in the predictions for where yellow is headed, but overall, there’s room in the palette for both directions.  Neutrals continue to be an extremely important category, and the linen, straw and natural grain neutrals are a color staple for the stronger colors to play off of.  What fun to find such strong correlation between Color Marketing Group’s early forecast predictions, and Sherwin-Williams’ color and product introductions for 2012.  Both organizations are working hard to bring you the best possible color research results, and it’s working!

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New Realms In Wood

Submitted by Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

Jaime Beckworth Collection“Love of beauty is taste.  The creation of beauty is art. “
Ralph Waldo Emerson is the author of that beautiful quote.  But it was the Jamie Beckwith Collection website that brought it to my attention.  Jamie Beckwith is a renowned designer who had the vision to create elegant wood surface treatments for floors and walls.  Her unique wood tile designs bring out the best of nature with attention to dimension, profile and embellishment.

The total collection is comprised of four specialized hardwood tile series:  Enigma, Projection, Mosaic and Embellished.  Each artistic gallery of styles has a memorable character of its own:

Enigma Floor and Surface
Enigma is another word for mystery.  And this series adds an element of mystery to wood floors by offering intriguing wood tile shapes.  Jigsaw, Pisces, sextant, lotus, and crescent to name a few, feed the imagination.

Dimension and depth are combined in six block shapes to create high-character wood walls. Walls become works of art, using shadow and light to its best advantage.

Mosaic Floor and Surface
Mosaic is the art of creating images through the grouping of small pieces.  In this case, the pieces are beautifully patterned wood blocks.  The resulting image is varied and ever-changing, as wood grain patterns swirl and merge across the floor.

Embellished Surface
Lastly, Jamie Beckwith has brought to life “jewelry” for your walls.  Crystals, geodes and gemstones are the crowning jewels adorning each individual wood tile.  They can be used alone or combined to accent Projection block walls.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the Beckwith Companies are adept at creating exceptional hardwood tiles.  Organic materials have been artfully redefined with a fresh, contemporary interpretation.  I’m so pleased to be able to share this beautiful collection with you.  A list of showrooms across the U.S. that carry this exceptional line can be found at  Explore and enjoy!

For more information on flooring visit the World Floor Covering Association’s Consumer Carpet & Flooring Guide.