Stunning Soft-Scapes

By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

Sometimes the word carpet just doesn’t totally convey the impact and pure beauty of soft floor coverings. Surfaces 2012 debuted some inspired soft-scapes (okay, carpets) that looked like works of art. Here are some of the selections that really stood out:


NOURISON---Grosspointe_300Grosspointe – this introduction was possibly the most innovative carpet design at the Show. Grosspointe is a lacy masterpiece that brings to mind fine crewel work. Highly dimensional, the different heights of loop pile sculpt a finished product that looks hand-crafted.

RediWeave – this woven axminster is a blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. The 13.2” broadloom width makes it ultra-functional in commercial settings. Nourisan is offering custom combinations of standard colors, so this style can be built in ‘made-to-order” unique harmonies.

NOURISAN---Shadowscape_300Shadowscape – this unique pattern showcases neutrals and earth hues to their best advantage. A deeply sculpted cut-pile construction, Shadowscape lives up to its name. The large scale rounded diamond patterns shift from light to medium color gradations. Although monochromatic in nature, the interesting color values make this style extremely artistic.

Joy Carpets:
This manufacturer is well-named because touring their booth brings pure joy to visitors. You can’t help but smile at some of the unique themes and twists their product designers JOY-CPT-Kapow_300came up with. Picture Streamers & Stars, Stacked Deck, Splatter Paint, Party Time, Puzzled, and Kapow just to name a few. Some of these stunners are laced with fluorescent accent yarns to glow in the dark. The applications are many, and young-at-heart consumers will fall in love.

Star-On (Nobilis Area Rugs):
J.D. Star-On, out of Stamford, CT introduced a collection of area rugs under the Nobilis brand name. They are unique and akin to fine art. The beautiful rug pictured in this blog uses dramatic differentiations in pile heights to create a sculpted look. The vivid contrast colors are the other part of NOBILIS_300this artistic equation. Well-done!

Hopefully this mini-tour of what Surfaces put forth in soft floor coverings has inspired you. No doubt, there are some award winners in the line-up I’ve highlighted. There are so many more that deserve honorable mention, but blogs shouldn’t become novels. I will let the pictures included here tell the rest


of the story.

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