In Living Color- Summer 2012 Palette on Display

By Annette Callari, Allied ASID; Chair Holder Color Marketing Group International

Calico-Corners-Seaglass-and-Coral_350Summer 2012 is unfolding in full color, indoors and out.  Look around and you will see trees in full bloom—canopies of lacy lilac, pastel pinks and every shade of green.  And, summer colors for interiors are just as breathtaking.  As a matter of fact, I discovered an excellent venue that presented the best and brightest summer hues all in one place! Calico Corners specializes in fabrics, and those textiles are an honest interpretation of exactly where color is headed for summer and the remainder of 2012.

I can promise that you will enjoy the way these stores are merchandised.  Besides fabric
by-the-yard, custom furniture, draperies, and soft accessories are all on display and grouped by color.  Professional designers do the thinking for you—coordinating patterns and complementary color schemes.  If you are searching for color inspiration, I suggest a field trip to the quaint little Calico Corners in your toCalico_Corners_Traditional_Colors_350wn.

When describing the summery palettes currently on display, vivid and livable are the adjectives that come to mind.  That’s a great combination by anybody’s yardstick. Everywhere you turn there’s a fresh color harmony to get excited about.  Here are the star color trends being featured:

1.    Seaglass Blue/Green (above) is a foundation color that pairs beautifully with Pale Coral.  Add to that combination warm wheat-toned neutrals and accent with a touch of black.  The result is a seaside harmony of colors that can transform homes anywhere.

2.    Elegant traditional styling for interiors is alive and well!  Calico Corners is translating this design mode into a soft palette of soft gold, muted reds, deep greens on rich cream backgrounds.  This colorway definitely lends itself to Calico_Corner_-_Key_West_350timeless, comfortable designs.

3.    Are you ready for vivid, fun-loving colors?  The Key West color collection was captivating.  Definitely some surprises in this line-up of hues:  true turquoise on pure white backgrounds, lemon, coral, true orange, botanical green, chocolate—all working together. Even shades of violet were included to create the epitome of a summer palette.  If you live in Northern climates, imagine having a summery interior to counter those long, snowy days year-round!  Absolutely the most animated color palette I’ve seen in a long time.

4.    Indigo Blue paired with white or cream is a classic and it is back.  Whether you favor contemporary or traditional interiors, this color combo is relevant and fresh.  Calico Corners featured Indigo in striped textiles, Ikat weaves, and jacquards.

Calico-Corners-Indigo-&-White_350So much inspiration in one place!  Without a doubt Calico Corners Corporate (in Pennsylvania) is attuned to where seasonal palettes are moving.  If you want to see what Color Marketing Group, Pantone University, or Global Color Research predicted for summer 2012, it’s on display now in this quaint retail setting, in living color.  Great interpretations await you.

Exotic Looks Define Area Rugs

By Annette Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

Modern_450The choices available today in artistic area rugs are beyond amazing.  If you are looking for a way to transform a room with a focus on color and texture, this is the solution for you.  Think about this for a moment.  What other design option allows you to change the entire character of a room without a mess (unlike paint or wall coverings, or demo of existing floors). And how many decorating options can be accomplished without major expense?

As a designer, I believe that decorative rugs can be a huge problem-solver.  Clients in love with hardwood or tile floors soon realize that maybe a little softness underfoot might be more family friendly.  Also, vaulted ceilings and hard surface floors bounce sound around creating a cavernous effect, and rugs, again, can save the day.

I have been continually impressed with a collection of rugs from Brink and Campman, a division of Masland Carpet.  The designs favor geometric themes with organic interpretations.  The exciting colors range from subtle and earthy to flash and drama.  Each textile creation is a work of art—gallery quality art.

Just for fun, let’s profile a few of these exceptional rugs.

Modern – (above) Stylized vines and leaves decorate a luxurious dark background to bring a feel of autumn to the floor.

Kodari_Rugs_350Kodari –  captures a garden of wild flowers in vibrant colors.  Nature has never looked more dramatic.

PORTS-OF-CALL_350Ports of Call — This rug is just as exotic as its name.  A juxtaposition of geometrics and psychedelic florals makes this creation a standout.

ZULU_350Zulu — ‘Exotic’ is the word for this 65% wool, 35% silk hand-woven rug.  Made in India, this style is a high-profile, textural wonder.  Available in 5’x 8’, 8’ x 11’ and 10’ x 14’, the dual color combinations are a bit shocking, but in a good way.  Black, red, olive green, gray, camel and cream provide the background color for the contrasting “cells”.

Once again, the photography included says it all.  Zulu may even attain conversation- piece status in your home.  Take a tour of the Masland Rug Collection featuring theBrink & Campman 2012 catalog at  Artwork for your floor awaits…