Hellooooo Kitty!

By Annette Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

hello_kitty_tiles_1_300I’m always on the lookout for something totally different for you to “play” with when it comes to interior design.  Well I found it this week.  While giving a presentation to the design staff at Prosource of North Orange County (to-the-design-trade flooring showroom), something caught my eye.  Sanrio Corporation has given permission for a distributor in the United States to create and carry a line of wall and floor tile featuring their Hello Kitty icon!  Happy Floors (it just fits, doesn’t it?) is the Florida distributor who has the exclusive rights to the Hello Kitty Easy Tile Collection.  Here’s what it includes:

Classic Collection – the four-piece “Expression” wall tile composite, features your choice of Kitty awake, asleep or winking and holding a bow. Each tile is 8” x 8” so composite would cover a 32” x 32” span.  Your choice of red/white, pink/white or black/white tiles, with coordinating liners (trim pieces) are available.

Perlage Collection – this features subtle tone-on-tone tiles embellished with crystals!!!  Kitty never looked more glitzy.  You can choose pink on cream background or pink on black backgrounds. A 3-piece composite set spells out “Hello Kitty” in crystals with a picture of the favorite cat on the main tile.  So cute, you will fall in love.  And, of course, trim pieces in those same colors complete the look.

hello_kitty_2_300Navy Collection – Kitty goes nautical in a red, white, and blue 6-piece tile composition.  Accent single tiles are available of Kitty on a steamboat or riding a dolphin.  Coordinating trim piece (1.18” x 8 ) completes the look.

School Collection – This was my favorite because of the bold primary colors.  Green, blue, yellow and even pink are the focus colors on bright red backgrounds.  An all-over alphabet tile on a bright red background (8” x 8”) is the center point of the collection.  A bus stop liner is the trim piece, and a four-piece tile composite features Kitty holding oversized alphabet letters.  So creative and kids will fall in love with this.  The entire alphabet is available (by special order).

Basics Collection – This collection is what brings everything together.  Solid color 8” x 8” wall tiles in pink, blue, red, grey, black and white are the basic design building blocks (liners in each color available).  If you prefer an 8” x 8” mosaic look, that too is available in each of the colors mentioned.  And perhaps the most important part of this collection—an anti-slip 8” x 8” floor tile in each color!  Perfect for your little one’s bathroom.

What more could you ask for?  Every piece brings out a smile, even in adults.  Kids will absolutely nag you to buy it for them, so you may not want to show it to your little ones until you’ve checked it all out.  Since the line is distributed exclusively within the United States by Happy Floors, that’s the place to start (www.HAPPY-FLOORS.com).  We all need a little more “kid” in us.  Let me know what you think.