Works of Art From Daltile

By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; Chair Holder CMG

CIRCLE-MOSAIC_300Taking a tour of the Daltile Gallery in Anaheim, CA is almost like touring a fine art museum.  What I experienced was a visual feast of new products put together in unexpected combinations.  Smooth finishes paired with honed stones, glass mosaics accented with porcelain liners, high gloss tiles mixed with matte stone finishes—the combinations were fresh and dramatic.

The true key to creating a successful new kitchen or bath design is to mix materials to come up with something unique.  Play with color combinations to suit your personality.  Use textural contrasts to add character.  Choose shapes that interpret your personal style.  Did you know that certain shapes evoke specific responses?  That certainly is a good place to begin as you narrow in on your personal style.  Here are some examples:

HORIZONTAL-NATURALS_300-       Linear patterns that run horizontally create a restful feel.  Pencil thin tiles add a contemporary feel, but still evoke a feeling of calm.

–       Linears that run vertically bring an energetic feel to a room.  If you are looking to create an illusion of height, verticals can accomplish that for you as well.

–       Circles (bubble tiles are a great example) contribute a contemporary feel to a design.  These patterns are fun, playful and inviting.

–       Relief patterns are reminiscent of classical stone frescoes and carvings from Greek and Roman times.  These types of tiles add richness and a sense of timeless beauty to a room.

–       “Metallic” porcelain tiles are such a great anomaly.  They look like real metal, but achieve that look with a much more reasonable price tag.  Metallic looks are chameleons in the world of design.  They adapt to traditional, contemporary, vintage, or eclectic design modes with ease.  Best of all, metals never go out of style.

–      GEOMETRIC-MIX_300 Mosaic tiles are absolutely fascinating.  Tiny fragments combine to create an overall effect that catches and reflects light.  Mosaics can be a combination of colors or soothingly monochromatic.

–       Diagonal patterns add pure drama to a design.  Be careful with the scale and proportion of the area you are tiling in diagonals.  They can be overpowering if done on a large scale surface, but create visual energy if used sparingly.

–       Tile “wood” looks continue to be a hot commodity.  You can have the look of real wood without the high maintenance of hardwood floors.  Pet-friendly, kid-friendly, rustic, inviting and homey—what more could you ask for?

So with all of that in mind, let’s take a look at some actual displays showcasing a few of the ‘stunners’ Daltile has to offer:

  1. Circle Mosaic – Beautiful fragments of glass in concentric circles use color to create this vignette masterpiece.  Earthy colors with accents of botanical greens bring a soft, livable palette to life.  This could define a kitchen backsplash in style.
  2. Diagonal in Marble – This sample vignette shows the energy and drama that diagonals are noted for.  Notice the mix of materials – neutral marble, onyx black marble, and Urban Metal bronze accents.  Add to that pencil glass tiles in a mix of translucent colors and this mix becomes a masterpiece.
  3. Geometric Mix – Daltile’s designers combined travertine, veined marble, and Urban Metal liners to create a work of art.
  4. Carved in Stone – Just a touch of metal adds glimmer to this carved stone look.  These tiles are meant to be a finishing touch accent to your design.
  5. 5. Horizontal Naturals – This vignette is a great example of the calming effect horizontals can create.  The mix of natural stone contrasted with smooth texture wood-look tile is a great combination.  Purposely mixing finishes, material profiles, and even thicknesses creates a high-character design.

CARVED-IN-STONE_300It was difficult to narrow down the selections to highlight in this blog.  So many excellent choices and unique combinations made it difficult.  I would encourage you to tour a gallery for yourself (or visit on-line at  If inspiration is what you are after, Daltile has an abundance to offer.