Pet Friendly Floor Coverings

By Annette Callari, ASID; CMG

crossvilleOur pets are part of the family and we love having them inside with us, especially during the winter.  It seems like every family in my neighborhood has at least two dogs, and right now, my sweet little kitten is cuddled up next to me while I write this blog.  So, it occurred to me that I have never, ever seen an article (or blog) dedicated to floor coverings that can forgive your pet a mistake or two.


You really don’t have to give up the warmth and comfort of carpet to accommodate pets.  You may have to vacuum more often to keep the shedding in check, but there are superior yarn systems that can cohabitate very well with your pet.  Look for solution-dyed nylon for colorfast properties.  Any spills or accidents (even bleach or ammonia-based) are less likely to affect the color.  Here’s an innovative idea for you—think about choosing a low profile commercial grade carpet.  Solution-dyed nylon combined with special topical treatments makes commercial carpet a great choice.  Mannington Mills has two topical applications:  X-Guard for stain protection and ColorSafe for color protection.  Cut pile styles work well with pets.  Loop style carpets aren’t a good choice with 4-legged friends in the home. Pet claws and loops don’t mix well.

StainMaster® is a name just about everyone recognizes.  Did you know that they offer PetProtectÔ carpets and cushion (pad)?  The benefits speak for themselves:

–       Resists pet stains – it is color safe and can be cleaned with powerful cleaning agents

–       Releases pet hair – these carpets release pet hair easily during vacuuming

–       Reduces pet odors –  this branded carpet combined with StainMaster carpet pad helps keep spills and accidents from soaking into the cushion and subfloor, reducing odors when properly cleaned.

Mohawk Industries also offers a carpet system that performs well with pets.  Their SmartStrand® carpets have built in stain and soil protection.  Since it’s not applied topically, the protection will never wear or walk off.  These carpets are easy to clean with mild detergent and water and are made in part from renewable resources.

floor-tilesWOOD LOOK

If you love hardwood floors, take heart, you can get the look and keep Rover.  Luxury Vinyl Planks are a great alternative.  Look for a brand that has an aluminum oxide coating which will resist scratching, no matter the size or weight of your pet (to clarify, I am talking cats or dogs only).  Also, every one of the major porcelain tile manufacturers offer a line of wood-look tile that will perform well with pets.


In addition to the wood look mentioned above, glazed porcelain tile is an excellent choice with pets in the house.  Easily cleaned, it will maintain its polished good looks for years.  The broad range of colors, sizes and patterns offer every look from natural stone to contemporary graphics.

Hopefully, this blog has given you the reassurance and friendly push you need to get out there and purchase your brand new floor covering.  Stop blaming your procrastination on the dog. Look for a qualified dealer (see “Dealer Locator”) who will show you the great selections you have to choose from.

In the Spotlight – Rite Loom Flooring

By Annette M. Callari, ASID; CMG

rite loom_1How awesome to achieve an 80th anniversary celebration!  In any realm, eight decades is a hallmark not many people achieve in the business world. On February 20, 2014, Rite Loom Flooring in Anaheim, California accomplished that impressive milestone.

In 1934 the original owners of Rite-Loom Flooring (the Bullinger family) opened their first carpet store on Whittier Blvd. in Montebello.  In the 1950’s post war business boomed as wall-to-wall carpeting was a luxury no one wanted to be without.  Rite-Loom stocked a big inventory in their busy warehouse and talented installers laid thousands of yards of carpet and hand-sewed seams in some of the most prestigious businesses and homes in Los Angeles.  From Capitol Records to movie star estates, Rite-Loom was THE place to go for quality flooring.  Rite-Loom also became one of the first Karastan Gallery Dealers in the State which broadened the retailer’s reach and brought customers from all over California.

In 1995, Rite-Loom opened their second location in Anaheim.  Then in 2004, after many years of nurturing their business, the Bullingers passed the reigns and entrusted ownership to George Lowe, a family friend and neighbor and a respected general contractor with his own interior design firm. The store became the hub for residential flooring design in Orange County.

This immaculate showroom in Anaheim, California has the feeling of a well-trusted neighborhood retailer when you walk through the door.   Rite-Loom has earned the reputation of being one of most highly respected flooring businesses on the west coast. From high-end commercial projects to residential jobs of every size and scope, Rite-Loom employs an experienced staff of designers and installers to serve SoCal. The showroom features over 125 manufacturers- carpet, wood, stone, tile, vinyl, laminate and window coverings – all in a comfortable, relaxed environment. The stress of making decisions simply disappears when you are greeted by their helpful staff.

Because I have known the principals of Rite Loom Flooring for many years, I can do just a little bit of bragging on their behalf.  They have had two important honors bestowed on them recently:  “Best Retailer of the Year” and “Best Showroom”.  I had the honor of being present at their 80th anniversary celebration and community leaders, customers and industry reps attended in force.  The versatility and talent this company embodies is a major factor in their longevity.  They have licensed interior designers on staff to create entire designs, inclusive of kitchen and bath remodels, custom window coverings, custom countertops, floor coverings of every type, and of course, general contracting services, if needed.

So with sincere best wishes, I congratulate co-owners George Lowe and Karyn Hadley (Karyn is the new President of the Southern California Floor Covering Assoc.) on their enduring success.  Southern California is certainly the benefactor for having a committed flooring retailer (and WFCA Member) in the heart of Anaheim.  From all of us at the World Floor Covering Association, “best wishes, Rite Loom Flooring, and keep up the good work”.