Defining Paradigm Sheet Vinyl Flooring

By Annette M. Callari, ASID; CMG

Paradigm_Intersect_300I love when I can tell you about a product so new, that samples are just arriving this week from the manufacturer.  The contract market is going to be pretty excited to see the newest heterogeneous sheet vinyl created by Mannington Commercial.  It’s the Paradigm Collection and includes three nature-fresh patterns.

Streamline is an organic inspired linear pattern that runs in a north/south direction.  Flow is an east/west directional pattern that captures the look of grass cloth.  And lastly, there is Intersect, a subtle basket weave pattern that rounds out the collection.  All three coordinate for mix and match capabilities.  The color line is intentionally nature-based.  Soft grays, browns and neutrals create a calming, healing environment which makes Paradigm particularly well suited to healthcare and senior living applications.

There is even more news to report about these three attractive products:

  1. Can be used for “way finding” in large facilities
  2. All three patterns share the same 10 colorways
  3. All three patterns are available in 6’ 9’ and 12’ widths
  4. Features Quantum Guard HP top coat (aluminum oxide)
  5. Features a limited 10-year commercial warranty

Paradigm_Flow_300Any way you look at this, these products are big news for the commercial market.  End users, designers and architects are all too familiar with the predictable sheet vinyl patterns that have been around for a while.  Time to shake things up, and this is just the Paradigm that can do it.

You will be able to view these new arrivals within the next few weeks at