Flooring From Milan Design Week

By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

I have been voraciously reading all the trend and product press releases coming out of Milan Design Week.  Right now, all eyes are on Milan as the city debuts the brightest ideas in design. In recent years I have traveled to Milan, and it is accurate to say this city has earned the title fashion/design metropolis of the world! As you walk the streets through the design district, high fashion is everywhere you look.  There are treasures to discover—mostly sublime, but a few rather bizarre and hard to explain.  But that is the nature of design—to push the limits of creativity.

I can feature only a few product highlights in this blog, but can share with you a wonderful website where you can see a full spectrum of the products featured in Milan. If you want to take a visual tour of the Design Show (one that includes tableware, light fixtures, artwork, furniture, floor coverings, textiles, jewelry, case goods and so much more, visit www.yatzer.com (best-of-Milan-design-week-2014).  This website truly captured the colorful excitement and energy of Milan.

Area rugs are elevated to the ranks of fine art in Milan. And I have two discoveries to share with you (see pictures A & B):

Picture_A_300 Picture A – The Spacecrafted rug collection by Jan Kath. Presented by COVER Magazine at the EDIT show by designjunction at Palazzo Morando in Milan.
Picture_B_-_The_Showdown_300 Picture B – The Showdown by Ward van Gemert and Adriaan van der Ploeg (NIGHTSHOP). A handmade carpet made of soft urethane foam!!!
Picture C – Salvatori Stone Innovations – Salvatori Stone Innovations’ Lithoverde® claimed an Honorary Mention at the award ceremony for the ADI Compasso d’Oro. Lithoverde is made entirely from recycled stone. It represents a major evolution in terms of sustainability in the stone industry which traditionally sees a vast amount of stone being discarded during the cutting process. Salvatori utilizes the stone waste, employing a new technology that binds multiple offcuts together with a natural resin. The resulting blocks each become a unique composition of color and pattern, suitable for most surface applications. In the picture featured in this blog, you see a flooring installation as well as wall and counter applications. The stone can also be used in furniture fabrication.

I know this is all too brief, so please do visit the recommended website.  I hope you enjoy this virtual vacation to Milan Design Week.  What a great way to experience Milan in 30 minutes or less.

Ideas to “Summer-ize” Your Home

By Annette M. Callari, ASID; CMG

cosy-living-room-decorating-ideas-with-beach-style_300The 4th of July has come and gone, but it’s not too late to implement some ‘cool’ ideas to summer-ize your home, or maybe just one room in your home.  Let’s have some fun and explore these creative ideas…

If you are committed to freshening up at least one room, incorporate the new-for-summer colors and invest in a custom-mix can of paint.  Pick one wall that will make the most impact in the room, and colorize in Buttercup Yellow, Spa-inspired Aquamarine, or Berry-licious.  It’s okay to use a breakaway color from the neutrals you gravitate towards and add that shock of color.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Come autumn, you change it back to beige (although I am betting you won’t want to.)

Now that you’ve picked your break-away wall color, time to accessorize and repeat that color elsewhere in the room.  Toss pillows are a great way to inexpensively expand your new color onto your upholstered pieces.  Stores that carry house wares and soft goods (pillows) capture the newest seasonal colors.  By the way, most of the major paint manufacturers and large retail stores have representative members in Color Marketing Group International, so they have access to the national forecast colors.  This makes your work a lot easier, since you will see parallel and coordinating color offerings for most interior goods.

SUMMER_COLORS_300Area rugs are the next reasonable addition you can use to express your summer style.  Roll up those heavy year-round area rugs and re-dress your rooms in a field of poppies, or a light-weight sisal area rug.  The selections are endless and you can introduce pattern and color in just the right amounts to transform your room.  Area rugs that correspond to the season can be re-used year after year, so your investment is more than worth it.  Check your local flooring retailers (use the wfca.org “Dealer Locator) for unique rugs you can’t find anywhere else.

Last but certainly not least, accessorize!  This is so much fun to do and you can search out your chosen color(s) anywhere from flea markets to department stores.  The cumulative effect of combining several of these ideas to transform a room is astounding.  It gives you a new appreciation for the home you love, and it’s a refreshing change that brings compliments and great satisfaction.  Have fun and enjoy your summer!