It’s All About Texture

By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

Manhattan_Collection_-_UATrend forecasters here (U.S.) and abroad seem to agree that extreme texture in interior design goods is quickly taking the lead as this year’s hottest trend.  Let me give you several examples of how mixing textures in various design styles is an effective way to add memorable interest and drama.

  • Combining earthiness with luxurious qualities equates to an appreciation for both rawness and refinement in our interiors.  Picture raw silk draperies trimmed in natural-edged burlap!  Unexpected combinations like this are shocking but beautiful.
  • Mixing rugged, dark materials with feminine, ethereal elements creates interest and visual tension.  This could be seen in many products at Surfaces 2015.  Wire brushed wood floor planks combined with smoother finished planks to produce that quiet interaction.  Carpets and rugs were embellished with crystals, stylized scrollwork or floral patterns, bringing performance and delicacy to one product.MOSAIC_RUG
  • Defining products for the new breed of urban citizens also lends itself to mixing textures and materials. Decadent materials combine to bring a new sophistication to design.  Urban design is simplified, adaptive, pared-down but still luxurious. It complements our high-tech lifestyle without being stark.  Rugs with a dual personality are one interpretation of this urban look.  Leather rugs plaited or woven with a contrasting material are a good example.
  • ‘Sanctuarial’ design is the last texture-based trend coming into play this year.  Environments that are conducive to well-being, relaxation, quiet comfort, all reflect Sanctuarial design.  We need an escape from information overload, threatening world events, and chaos-at-large.  This type of design incorporates low-contrast soothing colors, combined with texture upon texture.  Smooth cream-colored marble floors punctuated with shaggy off-white area rugs are a great example of layering textures successfully.

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