Luxury Vinyl Flooring

By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

You made a great flooring choice—all the beauty and character of real wood, but in a family friendly luxury vinyl-wood floor. So now what? How do you keep it looking as awesome as it does? Here’s some practical advice from my friends at Karndean DesignFloors, a 40 year veteran of creating true-to-life vinyl woods and stones.

  • All hard floors can be slippery when wet. Make sure a newly cleaned floor is completely dry before use. Also, in inclement weather, use non-rubber backed matting at entrances to prevent water from being tracked in.
  • Entrance matting is the best way to protect your floor. A 5’ wide mat is recommended and be sure to clean it regularly to maintain its effectiveness.
  • Although luxury vinyl floors are water resistant, mop up spills quickly to avoid slips.
  • Luxury Vinyl FlooringAvoid using aerosol sprays or silicone-based products as these can make floors slippery and dull the finish of your floor.
  • It is best to use the recommended manufacturer’s products to maintain your floors. It protects your floors and your warranty coverage.
  • Avoid sliding or dragging heavy furniture or appliances across the floor. Better to use load bearing castors under heavy items.
  • Rubber can permanently discolor vinyl floor coverings. Avoid using rubber backed mats, rubber furniture feet or rubber wheeled castors.
  • If surface scratching does occur, contact your flooring retailer for the manufacturer’s product recommendations. Each manufacturer has its own product solutions.
  • Accidental damage can occur in real life settings. It is always a good idea to purchase extra planks (or tiles) and store them flat in a dry place. One of the best features of LVT floors is that individual planks or tiles are replaceable!
  • Follow your manufacturer’s directions as to regular cleanings. A neutral pH cleaner is usually a safe choice, but consult your retailer or your manufacturer’s website for specific recommendations..

Luxury Vinyl FlooringYour luxury vinyl floor will give you years of excellent performance and appearance. The life cycle of LVT exceeds most floor covering types. With your attention to each of the above bullet points, your investment will be protected and the beauty of your floor extended for years to come.


By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

Unfortunately, the renowned artist lives on only through his masterpiece canvases. But the inspired second edition of Karndean DesignFloors’ VanGogh collection (luxury vinyl wood planks) has been newly reincarnated. Volume one of this collection remains a stronghold for the manufacturer, for both residential and commercial use. But volume two is destined for even greater fame.

Trying to describe this collection is a real challenge. What comes close to capturing the essence of VanGogh in words would be “daring, high-character woods, with dramatic visuals and tactile graining.” Rather than using pen-to-paper descriptives, let’s actually look at some of these new styles:

Charred Oak from Karndean DesignFloors’ VanGogh collectionCHARRED OAK (VGW102T)

Karndean is taking the LVT industry back to school and showing the industry just how “unique” is done. Charred Oak is available in 7” x 48” planks with a durable 0.5mm wear layer. High-character planks that make a huge statement would best describe Charred Oak.

Reclaimed Redwood from Karndean DesignFloors’ VanGogh collectionRECLAIMED REDWOOD (VGW99T)

Reclaimed Redwood brings vintage good looks to contemporary interiors. Reclaimed woods are a hot commodity, and securing quantities of real wood “finds” is getting more and more difficult, especially for larger projects. Consistency in the quality of natural wood is a challenge, and Karndean has solved that challenge with an authentic creation available in any quantity desired. Add to the mix a 15 year commercial warranty, and this VanGogh standout is a true find.

Hessian Oak from Karndean DesignFloors’ VanGogh collectionHESSIAN OAK (VGW93T)

This mid-toned oak floor brings all the beauty of natural oak to the table without the worry of damage from wet spills, scuffing, soiling or fading. The 20 mil urethane wear layer ensures extreme durability, even in high-use commercial areas. On the home front, it is definitely family and pet friendly.

Tawny Oak from Karndean DesignFloors’ VanGogh collectionTAWNY OAK (VGW91T)

The beautiful satin finish on this floor brings elegance to the style Tawny Oak. Karndean is noted for creating vinyl wood planks with undetectable repeats, which adds to the realism of the woods. Shown here in a master bedroom setting, Tawny Oak adds warmth and subtle pattern to a restful monochromatic design.

I would share more of this great collection if I could, but my blog is in danger of turning into a book. So I will leave it to you to research further and discover the remaining treasures on your own. It’s worth it, I promise.