Love That “Old Dirty Goat”

Submitted by Annette Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

Old Dirty Goat 2A few weeks back, I posted a blog about new directions in wood products.  Well, this blog dovetails with that subject beautifully.  I’ve always been fascinated by reclaimed wood products, where they came from, their history, and their future.  Companies that take the time to search out, harvest, and rejuvenate reclaimed woods should be commended.  What an excellent example of reusing resources and promoting sustainability.  Authentic Pine Floors in Locust Grove, Georgia is definitely one of those companies.

Started in 1984, Authentic Pine Floors can cater to the customer looking for a custom-finished solid wood floor that fits an “Olde World” profile, or the customer searching out unique pre-finished wood stains.  They describe their product as “recycled, antique in origin, hand-rubbed with oil; and custom stained”.  Now that certainly stirs the imagination.  Sources for their solid hardwoods are concentrated throughout the Southeast part of our country. Beautiful heart pine, aged wide-plank oak, and wide-plank walnut each tell a story of their own.  From old bridges to small town churches, their woods have a rich history. The Southeast, it turns out, is a treasure trove of aged woods waiting to be assigned a second life.  The antique heart pine collection was reclaimed from massive beams of distilleries and warehouses built in the19th century.

Prefinished, site finished, and engineered wood floors are all part of the offerings from Authentic Pine Floors.  That’s where Old Dirty Goat comes in.  Yes, it is one of the custom finishes used on the reclaimed heart pine.  The claim to fame of Old Dirty Goat lies in the light to dark tonality it gives the hardwood floor.  Its got character and sass, and so much intensity, the principals of this company said that “no other name would do…”  Love it—both the name and the look.  Weathered gray wash on solid pine is another finish I want to draw to your attention.  Warm gray tones are hot, hot, hot, and here’s a floor that will underscore that trend beautifully.  Heart pine is harder than the pine we are familiar with, so no worries about these floors living up to the use of an active family.

I spoke with the local distributor for Authentic Pine Floors here in Southern California, and I was amazed at the affordability per square foot of these floors.  That’s pretty astounding given the uniqueness of the product.  I encourage you to go online yourself at to investigate further and find a distributor in your part of the country. Plus, I know you want to get a look at Old Dirty Goat—admit it. And I do want to mention that you can install any of these floors unfinished too.  I cannot tell you how huge the trend of using wood floors in their natural state will upsurge over the next few years. It will become HUGE as we turn towards that which is real and as close to natural as possible.  Design is now all about authenticity (you’ve heard that a time or two from me) and back to basics. 

FloorTalk has an important job to do, and one that I take very seriously.  That job is to steer you towards unique design products. But also to provide you with a working knowledge of design trends that are here to stay. Those two elements in combination will help you create a timeless design, impervious to fads that come and go.  Hopefully I’ve accomplished both of those goals in this blog, and you have my promise I will continue to do just that.  Stay tuned…

For more information on flooring visit the World Floor Covering Association’s Consumer Carpet & Flooring Guide.

A Bit Of History

Annette Callari, Allied ASID; CMG


My work takes me from Santa Barbara to San Diego. The upside to covering all those miles is that I get to meet quality floor covering retailers throughout half the state of California, and see all the latest in the world of flooring. Sometimes it’s not only newly introduced products that are newsworthy, but the store itself that stands out. One that certainly caught my attention recently was Old Town Flooring, a quaint family-owned store in Tustin, California. The historic downtown district of Tustin is totally charming, and Old Town Flooring fits right in as its center point. The building that houses Old Town was built in 1880 in a nearby location. In 1900 huge logs were used to transport the building (literally roll it) to its present location. Its history is rich and diverse in that it was once a meat market, then a community billiard hall, eventually becoming a sheet metal-works factory, and finally, housing Old Town Flooring.

TUSTIN_STORE_002_350There is a warm, welcoming ambience that surrounds you the minute you walk in the front door. Perhaps it’s the sunlight streaming through generous skylights, or the friendly little pooch that excitedly greets you, or the owner offering you a steaming cup of coffee. Whatever it is, it feels right.

Owner, Marge Redmond, is dedicated to making her customers (both the public and interior designers) have a pleasant experience as they browse for floor coverings and make some big decorating decisions. Her many years of experience in the floor covering business makes her an excellent guide amidst the many choices of hard and soft surface materials. Carpet, hardwoods, tile, area rugs, and luxury vinyl tile floors are all on hand and beautifully displayed. This store owner has carefully aligned with quality manufacturers to provide unique, well-constructed materials that include well-known American-made brands, along side some imaginative (and definitely high-style) European carpets and rugs. Masland Carpets, Wools of New Zealand, Arizona Tile, Amtico Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile, and DuChateau Hardwoods are among the prestigious brands. Bottom line: quality, reputation, and solid product warranties are the hallmarks of the manufacturers showcased. A long-time member of the World Floor Covering Association, Marge Redmond also served as Past President for the Southern California Floor Covering Association. (You can locate other fine national retail members of WFCA right on this website. Click on “Find a Retailer” on our home page.)

Floor coverings continue to be one of the major design choices that a consumer will ever make. It’s a worthwhile investment of decorating dollars, time, and energy, but requires some research on your part. With so many good retailers to choose from, selecting floor coverings has evolved from what used to be perceived as an overwhelming “task”, to a rewarding, well-guided selection process. Today’s floor covering professionals aren’t selling you something, they are professionals guiding you through the selection process, to find what best suits your tastes and needs. They know how to make you feel comfortable, welcome, and most of all, how to create a memorable experience.

For more information on flooring visit the World Floor Covering Association’s Consumer Carpet & Flooring Guide.