By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

You know how important color is in my life. I’ve never owned a black or white car, because I think it’s too non-committal. (Interesting side bar: black is the combination of every prismatic color and white is the absence of all color—it reflects the entire prism.) So although B & W may not be my first choice, it is a power player for Fall 2016. Let me take that a step further. B & W are timeless in interiors and, if it suits your personality, a fail-proof choice.

Having just returned from the Summer 2016 World Market event in Las Vegas, I kept a keen eye out for what top manufacturers in the world of design were featuring. This truly is an international assemblage of furniture, textiles, floor coverings, lighting, accessories— all things in demand for interiors. Three huge buildings are dedicated to premiering the hottest new introductions and the excitement runs high. So when I saw a certain color combo appearing and re-appearing, I had to feature this renewed trend in my blog.

bw1Impressive display! The combination of black and white linens, black and white lighting, and touches of pure silver made this vignette captivating. The metallic background was for displaying the manufacturers brand of course, but note how effective it is in playing up the dramatic pairing of only black and white.

bw2Look to the right and enjoy this amazing collection of interior goods. The balance, proportion, continuity, and mixture of solid color to pattern are perfect. Texture is a main ingredient in B & W room settings. It brings the warmth and exceptional interest to a totally neutral setting.

bw3Lastly, this amazing showroom capitalized on light and sparkle to make the setting come alive. Those mirrors you see in the background are black-framed with crystals built into the mirror. The lighting makes those crystals shimmer and brings huge drama to the setting. (Coaster Furnishings)

Look to
This made a big impact on one of my client consultations. Mirrors are on order!

Inspiration: White

By Annette Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

Tinted Whisper is a new design trend coming out of Europe - floortalk.wfca.orgBeing a member of Color Marketing Group International certainly has its benefits. Not only do I get to participate in forecasting colors for the North American market, I have access to what’s important in other global markets. I am particularly enthralled with a forecast color that came out of Europe, and it deserves some special attention.

What does the name “Tinted Whisper” bring to mind? Picture something soft, subtle, gentle and refreshing. And that is exactly what this inviting hue accomplishes. Starting with white, subtle measures of pastel blue are added to create a whisper-soft blue/white. Here’s what’s incredible about the color. Fashion, of course, has embraced it. Every textile wears it well, from lace blouses to leather handbags. But this contagious color has captured even more surprising markets.

Kitchen appliances, large and small are wearing Tinted Whisper. Because it is such an airy color, it can easily be enhanced with special finishes and metallic accents (especially stainless steel). Next in line to embrace the color is home interiors. As a wall color, it keeps spaces light and open. It marries well with black, brown, white, and navy, which offers no-fail color combinations. Residential fabrics for upholstery and draperies love the color. Leather furnishings wearing this tint of blue are exploding onto the design stage as well.

You know that an emerging color has made it BIG when you see automotive introducing luxury cars and high-end sports cars in this whisper of white. It’s timeless, elegant, and is going to be on the design radar for years to come.