By Annette Callari, ASID; CMG

Are you ready for Part II of our HD Expo tour? We are focusing on how shape and form seemed to dictate new products on exhibit. This design direction is colorful, a bit retro, and surprisingly fun to work with as part of a total design. We already addressed lighting and textiles, so let’s move on to flooring.


Masland Carpet | floortalk.wfca.orgMasland Carpet | floortalk.wfca.orgMasland’s contract carpet division has never shied away from bold statements, and this “Shape and Form” movement played right into their strength. Colorful shockwaves captured in tufted broadloom, striated, and even free-form patterns brought the best of shape-and-form to carpet. Carpet has taken on an artistic aura, and each one of the patterns on display was a work of art.

Karndean Design Floors

Karndean Design Floors | floortalk.wfca.orgHold on to your hats in this design windfall. Karndean is shaping-up nicely (sorry, couldn’t resist) with their newest luxury vinyl tile intro, Kaleidoscope. Pictured here (in their own booth) is a collection of hexagons randomly puzzled together to produce yet another work of art. This floor created so much excitement and was a magnet for designers visiting Expo. Karndean is finalizing the color palette, but expect to see vibrant, high-character tiles in a variety of shapes. Besides hexagons, look for chevrons, and triangles to play with.


DuChateau Wood Floors & Walls

DuChateau Wood Floors and Walls | floortalk.wfca.orgDuChateau is noted for their beautiful natural hardwood floors, but here’s a twist. They are experimenting with wood wall panels (thin veneer wood that can adhere well vertically). They totally got the message that shape and form rules in design right now. Besides the beautiful basket weave shown in this picture, they had 3-D patterns, shingled panels, and thin-strip chevron patterns–very clever to say the least.



By Annette Callari, ASID; CMG

I covered an exciting trade show earlier this month (back to Las Vegas again—oh darn). HD Expo focuses on the hospitality sector. Floor coverings are REALLY important to hospitality designers. It is the foundation for their entire design and a big investment for the end user. So with that in mind, I was on a hunt to identify emerging interior trends at this show that might inspire new product development ideas in floor coverings.

Interesting to see so many diverse interior goods trending in the same direction! With hundreds of manufacturers represented from around the world, this is their time to showcase new products and capture designers’ attention. That they did—to the extreme.


If there was an “aha” moment walking the tradeshow, this was it—product development designers are focused on interesting shapes and forms. I saw this in lighting design, textile design and even floor coverings (yes, I did say floor coverings). Here’s the scoop…

Covington Contract Fabrics

Covington Contract Fabrics | floortalk.wfca.orgIn one word—impressive. Covington played with color and texture to provide interesting backgrounds and then brilliantly used geometric shapes to add a contemporary story to each style. Beautifully conceived and leading the way for residential design to follow.


Sunbrella coordinating lampshade covers | floortalk.wfca.orgThis company is taking geometric fabric patterns to the next level with a line of retro-inspired lampshade covers. Sunbrella coordinating fabric lampshade covers are a fashionable, functional solution for weatherproof outdoor products. Sunbrella is made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic fiber, which provides color brightness and “weatherability”. The covers even wash easily and resist soil and mildew.

Feiss Lighting

Feiss Lighting | floortalk.wfca.orgThere were so many lighting vendors showing at HD, but Feiss stood out to me. Their designs have a simplistic element, but play on shape and intricate details to create drama. These fixtures may have been created for the hospitality sector, but depending on scale, can be adapted to home. Stay tuned for my Part II blog, as we continue this trend journey, as seen through the eyes of floor covering manufacturers. The best is yet to come.