I Found It!

Submitted by Annette Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

kodariYou all count on me to discover what’s new and what’s stunning in the world of floor coverings.  I am always searching for just that.  And in the words of my once-upon-a-time two year old twins, “I found it!”  (This they would proclaim whenever they spotted the Golden Arches from their baby car seats.) 

Masland Carpet Mills is not a new name to you, but what I’m about to share with you is– and it adds a high-contemporary dimension to this respected mill.  Kennedy Frierson, the COO of The Dixie Group (Masland’s parent company) recently announced their new partnership with Brink & Campman, a custom axminster rug manufacturer based in Lichetenvoorde, Germany.  Brink & Campman evolved from a meager start back in 1897 in the Netherlands, to become a style and design leader world-wide. 

What I’m looking for, for my own clients, are products designed with a twist–creations that can elevate an area rug to a work of art.  That is exactly the way I would describe Masland’s Brink & Campman products.  Thick denier pure wool yarns; luxurious hand; high-style interpretations of organic designs; true, vivid colors–all are the hallmarks that set this line apart.  They are offering several production options for the discerning customer:  woven; handknotted; handwoven; and handtufted rugs.  In the woven category, I got a kick out of their no-nonsense earthy styles:  Haze, Rocks, Gravel and Fusion, just to name a few.  How’s that for piquing your interest?  How could those names possibly interpret to rugs?  Well they do, and quite well.  I have a favorite and that would be Rocks.  Color combinations that bring to mind bowls of rainbow-colored hard candies grab your attention.  Thick, soft-to-the-touch yarn bundles give the finished rug a playful, contemporary look.  The color combinations in each rug earn the style its name—because it ROCKS! 

In the hand-knotted category, you have to see Himali styles Aquarel and Shade.  These are both 100% pure new wool rugs available in three great sizes.  It’s going to be a struggle to decide whether to spot light one of these rugs hanging on a wall, or actually use it as a rug.  Warm-toned striations of color are as vivid and artistic as a hand-painted canvas.  Aquarel adds some subtle geometrics as well.  Great sizes for the standards, and custom sizes are also available.

Finally, accolades to the hand-knotted Kodari collection.  In particular, styles Bricks, Slate, Vegas, and Miami.  These are not for the faint of heart.  If you are a high-contrast individual and love color, you’ll be ordering one of these today.  Van Gogh would have wanted one of these on his floor.  Even a wordsmith cannot describe these and do them justice.  So I won’t even try.  But you can see for yourself on Brink & Campman’s website.  Then locate a Masland dealer in your area and you’re ready to go.

I had so much fun exploring this rug collection and writing about it for you. Never underestimate just how influential European design is in the world of timeless interiors.   If you’re looking to add some European-inspired ‘fine art’ to your home, I do believe Masland can now help you with that. 

Area rug pad – Reader Question


I have several area rugs in my home over different types of floors. I am wondering if I need rug padding under every rug? If so, what kind and why?


Rug pad is a very important part of the placement of area rugs for the following reasons:

  • Rug pad keeps the rugs from slipping on hard surface floors
  • It protects the finish of hardwood floors from the friction of the backing of some rugs as well as color transfer and staining
  • Rug pad also reduces wrinkling of the area rugs
  • Rug pad provides a cushioned feeling when walking on the rugs
  • It can extend the life of your area rugs by preventing wear
  • It allows you to vacuum your rug more easily

There are different types of rug pads for hard surfaces such as ceramic or hardwood and different types for carpet. There are premium pads for more cushion and there is a separate type of cushion for outdoor rugs. Some companies offer different rug pad for oriental carpets. There are also some types of tape that are designed to hold area rugs in place. A full padding works best as provides more of the assets listed above.

When purchasing area rug pad, you don’t want to buy or order the rug pad in the exact same size as your rug. You want at least a 1/2″ on all sides less than the size of the area rug. Pre-packaged rug pads already take this into account so you don’t have to do any trimming.

Another tip: Be sure and read the instructions to make sure you are putting the rug pad down in the correct fashion. Some rug pads have different textures on each side in order to either grip to the rug or provide slip resistance to the floor.

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