Hot New Products

Submitted by Annette M. Callari, A.S.I.D.; CMG

Everyone knows Dal Tile is a leader in tile and stone products for the floors.  Now they have introduced an incredible new collection of manufactured stone products for your walls!!! This is being introduced as we speak, so products will be market-ready very shortly.

Each collection replicates natural rock, stone or bricks with amazing accuracy.  The advantage to exploring these new products is that they are lightweight versions of the real thing, come in at a cost savings while giving you the look of real stone.  Each stone is manufactured of Portland cement, lightweight aggregates, and mineral oxides for coloration.  The molds are cast from natural stone to get the most realistic man-made stone products possible.  The thickness of each stone ranges between 0.75 to 1.65” thick.  With the recommended installation mortar, finished thickness will be 1.25” to 2.65” depending on the style.

So where exactly could you apply these amazing stone looks?  Both interior and exterior applications are approved (residential and commercial), but remember, they are built for vertical installations.  Because they are lightweight and considered “veneer” manufactured stone, they are not appropriate for floors.  Sealing is recommended, of course, to prevent staining, especially in exterior applications where rust or dirt could penetrate the surface.  Dal Tile is backing these products with a 75-year warranty (with recommended installation procedures, proper care & maintenance).  That definitely tells you they have performance and confidedaltileintResnce built right in.

Let’s talk about the aesthetics, which truly is the main attraction here.  The authenticity of these products exceeds expectations.  Ridged Field Stone, Grecian Limestone, Velvet River Rock, Sculpted Leger Stone—these are just a few of the collections available, and each one has the “wow” factor.  (Visit for a gallery of all the collections and more information.)

It is likely that you will not be able to tell the manufactured version of these stone products from the real thing, and that is a major accomplishment from a design standpoint.  But before you get too excited about every possible design scenario running through your mind, there are just a few non-recommended applications:

  • No submerged water applications (pools, spas)
  • No direct exposure to flames, coals or ashes
  • No applications in contact with chemicals

Given those few parameters, the door is still wide open for you to get creative and put these stunning new products to use in a myriad of ways. So have fun, explore your options, and get creative!

Fabulous Find – Waterworks

Surfaces_Glass_TempoFor more than 30 years, Waterworks has brought impeccable style, craftsmanship and service to the American bath. Based on an appreciation for a time when all objects were made by hand and held to exacting standards, Waterworks melds European artisanal quality with 21st century precision for today’s home. Their products now encompass bath and kitchen faucets, surfaces, bathtubs, washstands, accessories, home furnishings and much more.

A unique collaboration of designers, artisans, and manufacturers create each Waterworks product. Every fitting or fixture, tile or textile meets their uncompromising standards for quality assurance and excellence – proving that functionality and inspired aesthetics go hand-in-hand.

Shown here is a collection of glass called Tempo. Notice the incredible detail of each mosaic. These pieces are the type of tile that set a room apart from any other.  These tiles can be used sparingly for an accent effect or in large formats for a WOW effect. Imagine these tiles as wainscoting on a bathroom wall, a kitchen, bath or wetbar backsplash, an accent stripe in a shower or tub surroud, a border for an area rug created out of tile, a mirror frame, an accent wall in a powder room, a wall plaque in a shower – imagine the possibilities!

These are just a sampling of the many unique and decorative products available from Waterworks. For more selections, check out their website.