By Annette Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

Global influences continue to flavor interior designs in the U.S. With that in mind, I wanted to share a new “find” with you. Headquartered in Turkey is a renowned manufacturer with over four decades of tile design and production. And yes, they do distribute here in the United States. Ege Seramik is seasoned in the production of porcelain and ceramic tile, with over 40% of their production actually exported to the US and Canada! The demand here for vivid colors and authentic styles is high, and Ege Seramik continues to contribute remarkable tiles to our hard surface market. Let’s take a look at just a few of their newer introductions.


Turkish Tile Showcased | floortalk.wfca.orgThis collection replicates the look of fine Carrara marble, but also offers coordinates you can use to contemporize it to your tastes. “Platinum Parigi” is a glittering metallic 1.2” x 24” liner that brings the right amount of glitz to your room design. Pair that with the “Dressy Relief” tiles, and you add dimensionality to the design as well. Ege Seramik’s marble-look ivory and white tiles, graced with a sparing touch of metallic, are destined to create a memorable interior (as seen here). For more information, please visit


Turkish Tile Showcased | floortalk.wfca.orgThis beautiful wall tile captured my attention and was an absolute must- mention in this article. Walking a more traditional line, Urban Maison New Beige can carry an entire wall or, if used as an accent tile, become a deserving focal point. This is a light-reflective tile that brings soft hues of gold and silver to the design.


World Class Turkish Tile | floortalk.wfca.orgA brand new introduction has just been announced, according to Terri Sparks, a representative from Communications International, who promotes Ege Seramik here in the U.S. According to her, Ege Seramik is excited to introduce NORDICWOOD, a glazed porcelain plank tile with the look of natural wood. This style has a Scandinavian influence and just happens to parallel the huge trend in design to replicate real hardwoods in different (durable) materials.


This series gives the end-user mix and match capabilities that bring the best of Turkish design to your interior. Below is an excellent application of the various designs offered in “Antique”. In addition to the soft mocha hues featured here, Antique also offers a Kyebel Blue mix.

World Class Turkish Tile |

Needless to say, I have just touched the surface of what this incredible line of tile has to offer. Designers are always on the lookout for something fresh and artistic. This line certainly delivers. Explore more to see for yourself just what awaits you from Ege Seramik and their very artistic Turkish craftsmen.

Ceramic and Glass Stunners…

Submitted By:  Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID, CMG

wallpaperintrend_collegiateHats off to the Italians once again this year.  Their reputation for fashion-forward thinking is demonstrated annually, as they host Cersaie – one of the world’s largest exhibitions of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings in the world.  They drew a crowd of over 83,000 people this year, as they celebrated 27 years of holding this event in Bologna, Italy.

The theme of this year’s mega-show focused on responsible product composition (recycled ingredients being a focus), as well as improved manufacturing and shipping processes that serve the environment well.  Innovation is the signature of Cersaie, and I wanted to share with you just a few of the creative international products that came out of this show, along with some great new products coming out of the good old USA.  The Italians excel in tile design, but our own domestic manufacturers are pretty impressive too.

One of the big design trends I’ve been talking about for two years has come to life with the introduction of Mosaico Italiano’s Vetrina Collection.  Iridescence in finishes gives sparkle and life to any surface. Vetrina does just that, with mosaics available in 72 solid colors and 56 combinations and blends.  Mosaics are always expressive because you can customize the layout any way you like.  Insets in harmonizing colors can define space and create a focal point.  These beautiful 4 mm thick glass tiles lend themselves to geometric compositions, limited only by imagination.

wallpaperintrend_geniuneBrowsing through the next manufacturer’s website was an adventure you will truly enjoy.  What intrigued me about this collection of glass tile was its versatility.  Trend has introduced an inspired collection of 2 x 2cm glass (tesserae) mosaics that can be applied to ceilings, walls, or floors!!!  Once you visit, these words will vividly come to life.  I love the themes that Trends is presenting:  Academic, Euphoric, Natural, and Classic.  Within each style theme there are 16 designs in three color ways (one of which is black and white).   They’ve done their research, and colors and patterns are historically accurate to reproduce a shimmering interior that lends tactile dimension to any design.  I encourage you to explore their website and have fun!

I first discovered Everstone Tile last year at the Surfaces Trade Show in Las Vegas.  Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, this manufacturer has a fun, contemporary charm to its line of products.  Geometric shapes define Everstone as unique.  “Bubbliscious” Circles, hexagons, and squares create stand-out glass tile designs in fearless colors.  Now they are rocking traditional ceramic tile design with the introduction of Metaluxe—REAL metal on porcelain tile.  Four lustrous patterns in subtle geometrics are offered:  Vortex, Sanded, Flashing, and Stream.  The pattern names give you intriguing clues as to what each pattern is all about.  Now for the colors offered in each pattern:  Alloy, Platinum, Bronze, Copper, and Nickel.  They are impressive to say the least, and the possible applications of these metallic tiles open new doors in the world of design.

As tile manufacturers constantly reach beyond the norm to discover innovative material marriages and finishes, we, the consumer, are the benefactors.  Our choices are multiplying exponentially, and the advantages play out, life-sized, in the unique design of our own homes.