How to keep laminate floors clean – Reader Question

laminate_beauty_shot3Question: Do you recommend any products to clean laminated floors? Our home is located on sandy soil and no matter how much I sweep you can see dog and shoe prints. Help, please. There is no information available from the manufacturer.

Answer: Normally the product that is recommended is from the manufacturer, but if there is no information available from the manufacturer, I have only heard good things about Bona Floor Care Products.

For more information on other cleaning and maintenance practices that are equally as important as the cleaner itself, refer to an earlier post on Test Your Laminate Flooring Knowledge.

Often, the problem with foot and paw prints is that the dirt was not trapped outside and is being tracked inside. One solution to help with this problem is using walk off mats at each entrance to your home.

Daily maintenance like sweeping with a terry cloth head mop (also available from Bona) will help with this problem.

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How to remove white film from laminate floors

Reader question:

I have laminate floors in my home, but have a problem cleaning them. I have used many products and now have a film all over them. I need to remove the film and clean the floors. What can I do?


The first thing I would do is call the flooring store where you purchased your laminate flooring or the manufacturer and let them know what your problem is and see what their recommended solution is. This will help in the case that you end up having a warranty issue or causing any further problem.

There are many variables that could cause a film on your laminate floor. Using multiple cleaners and too much cleaner are certainly two of them. However, I have heard that Swiffer products leave a film on laminate floors. I have also heard of vinegar reacting with urethane where it was able to penetrate via surface scratches in the finish. Some people have been able to remove the film by cleaning with water only and no cleaner. This removes excess cleaner. Others have tried a very small amount of dishwashing detergent, being sure to rinse thoroughly without saturating the floors with water. This may take some scrubbing and elbow grease to remove. It is always best to test cleaners in an inconspicuous area first.

If you are able to get the film removed, the best thing to do moving forward is to use the manufacturers recommended cleaning products and follow the instructions directly.

For more information on how to maintain laminate floors, click here.

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