None Like Yours

By Steve Cooper

Dal-Tile Metal AccentsThough some homes are similar to one another, no one’s is exactly like yours. A lot of the homes in our neighborhood have open, one-room second floors, for instance, but I doubt that any of those rooms are painted in the same lavender color as ours. It’s the same with floors made from natural materials, particularly stone.

Floors made from quarried materials are distinctive, singular, always original. Spend a half hour wandering through the offerings at a stone outlet. You’ll likely see slabs from Egypt, China, Brazil, the United States and other parts of the world. And no two pieces will be exactly alike, even if quarried from the same spot on the same day. The pressures that formed the stone will invest each cut with slightly different shadings, fissures, blemishes and even fossil remnants. The exotic is the ordinary in natural stone.

To give you an idea of what’s possible, consider what one family did a decade ago when they built a house on Lake Minnatonka, near Minneapolis. They chose large-format Italian limestone tiles as flooring, and one of the tiles was a prize. This special one contained a magnificent spiral sea shell. It had apparently become trapped in sand eons ago and had long since become fossilized in the stone. The 8-inch shell became a bragging point for the home—the element that made their home unique in all the world.

So, for a one-of-a-kind look, stone is an excellent pick. With all the colors, tones, shadings, flecks, veins, pock marks, fusions and other oddities, it’s the pick for individuality. But back to those fissures for a moment: They may pose a problem. Stone can break along one of those miniature fault lines. Also, the thickness of slabs and tiles varies, sometimes making installation a challenge. These are qualities and characteristics to think through before deciding quarried stone is your choice.

Should you want the look along with the dependability that comes with uniformity, an option is an engineered stone. These products are still stone, but typically the raw material is broken up and then reconstituted in a tile, brick or stone form. Engineered pieces can be ordered in an array of colors, sizes and thicknesses. When working on a new bathroom or kitchen design, this allows a builders and contractors to chart a predictable course between the initial architectural drawing and the completed project.

Either material will get you what you want. If a unique look is your highest goal, natural stone may be what you want. If you want a more predictable installation and service, particularly for a remodeling project, engineered stone will get you there.

For more information on flooring visit the World Floor Covering Association’s Consumer Carpet & Flooring Guide.

“A Cutting Edge” Flooring Option

Submitted By:  Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID, CMG

Tile manufacturers are always looking for ways to make designers’ lives easier, and along with that, YOUR life easier as well. Aesthetically, the choices out there in ceramic and porcelain tile are expansive and quite amazing.  All of the ‘big guys’ dedicate a lot of resources to product development, so what else could they possibly offer in tile design that might capture more attention?

american_oleanHow about a program that offers you in-factory cutting services?  One that allow for your tile of choice to be ordered in custom linear and rectangular sizes?  AND provide that tile within a three week turnaround time?  Well that is exactly what Daltile is about to launch.  Dal identified a huge, unmet need out there.  For the most part, anyone looking for linear shapes and rectangular sizes were either limited to a handful of collections that offered those options, OR they had to have their tile installer cut down the tiles right on-site–a slow and messy process at best.  Now, according to Lori Kirk-Rolley, Senior Marketing Director for Daltile, “Any Daltile or American Olean rectified porcelain tile or glazed floor tile can be ordered in popular linear and rectangular sizes, making design options endless.”  There are two added benefits to this program that deserve mentioning:

–      Since the custom cuts are done at the factory, the quality of the cuts is more consistent

–      Custom cutting at the factory reduces labor costs at the jobsite, and that can be a big benefit!

 The core assortment of products for this program was selected from the most popular porcelain tile collections Daltile and American Olean offer.  But, according to my sources, any ceramic floor tile in the line can be custom cut to any size (within a minimum width of 2” and a maximum length of 24”).  Lead time might be a bit longer, but check with your local flooring store for pricing and production time.

 One last thing for you to know:  these “cutting edge” programs will be announced shortly as Linear Options under the Daltile brand, and Linear Express for American Olean.  Just another design option for you to use as you create your one-of-a-kind floor.