Those Who Listen— Learn

Those Who Listen— Learn

By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

Designers' meeting sponsored by KarndeanIt was such an honor to be asked to host the 2016 Design Council weekend in Las Vegas this month. Karndean Design Floors sponsored the event and invited a chosen group of commercial designers to share what they need, want and use in specifying commercial floors coverings.Several of the designers specialize in hospitality, including restaurants, clubs, hotels and casinos. Others were experts in the multi-family housing market. Both factions came together to share their “wish list”when it came to luxury vinyl woods and stones.

Everyone enjoyed the Friday night glittering panoramic view of Las Vegas while dining at Nove – an elaborate, Italian-inspired fine dining establishment at the pinnacle of the Palms Hotel. We all agreed, it was the most authentic Italian menu ever experienced, and the service was beyond stellar. If you want to feel like royalty, Nove exists to create that feeling for you. A mini-spa morning was then followed by lunch and a creative brainstorming session where ideas were freely shared. I presented the 2016 design trends report and brought real-life examples in both fashions and flooring to share. What fun!

Karndean’s savvy marketing experts gave the designers a sneak peek at the newly launched vinyl-woods in their DaVinci and VanGogh collections (not to mention the top secret Kaleidoscope collection). That got them all excitedly talking and commenting as to which projects they are working on where these newcomers might shine. All the designers generously shared their insights, and were asked what they would like Karndean to consider for future introductions. That part I cannot share with you, but there is certainly an important lesson to be learned from all of this.

Our industry has a wealth of experience and creative wisdom available from the design community—our customers. The most important thing we can do is LISTEN. Rather than fall prey to “the ivory tower syndrome”– approaching product development autonomously from within, Karndean demonstrated the value in truly listening to their valued designers’ opinions. We all came away from the experience realizing something very important had transpired. Good job all!

Interior Trends Channel Fashion For 2016-2017

Interior Trends Channel Fashion For 2016-2017

By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; Chair Holder Color Marketing Group International

Consider the fact that interior design is closely connected to fashion design. The latest trends in the fashion industry strongly influence what is happening in interiors and find their way into design. I have been researching the emerging fashion trends for 2016 to see if I could identify how they are interpreting into the world of design, and found some pretty impressive parallels.


  • To validate my findings, I researched Victoria Redshaw’s trend predictions for 2016-2017 (President of Scarlet Opus Designs in the UK).
  • In Style magazine– the “bible” for identifying fashion’s emerging trends.
  • Color Marketing International who always provides a reliable baseline on trend and color forecasts.
  • Finally, attended both Surfaces and Global Shop personally this year identify—in actual product form—viable trend movements from a global perspective.

Here are the highlights:


Metallic shine exudes brightly from the fashion runways this year. Interiors are embracing the trend as well. Metal-trimmed furnishings bring sophisticated glitz to both residential and commercial interiors. Luxurious carpets and area rugs are laced with subtle metallic yarns. Metals positioned with glass and acrylic add glam to commercial interiors. Luxury vinyl tile captures the essence of oxidized metals. Textiles and wallcoverings bring the trend to life as well. Fashion may have started the trend, but interiors have taken it to the next level.


Color Marketing Group predicted this trend to be a mega-trend for 2016 and 2017 and so far, it has surpassed even that expectation. In fashion, unlikely pairing of fabrics brings “Texture Plus” into sharp focus. As an example, denim jackets over a flowing lace or chiffon skirt create a textural dichotomy. In floor coverings, leather looks, suede looks, highly distressed woods, high-character luxury vinyl planks, thick-denier carpets (utilizing curly wools, brushed yarns and even fur area rugs), all bring extreme texture plus to life. Interiors can utilize crystal chandeliers in the same room as barn wood-siding on the walls! The more extreme the textures, the more dramatic and memorable the design will be.


Fashions from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 70’s are back and have inspired fresh, exciting interpretations–not just at the couture level. As new generations discover the mid-century iconic fashions (shorter, fuller skirts), music, architecture and interior design, a rebirth is unfolding before our very eyes. Wildly popular TV series like “Madmen” (set in the 1960’s and 70’s), contribute to this phenomenon. As for interiors, that era was characterized by clean lines, low-gloss finishes, and a minimalistic approach to interiors. But it’s a “soft minimalism” as my friend at Scarlet Opus explains. ͞ “…this trend is calming and discreet…it values simplicity over embellishment.” I think Victoria was spot-on with that interpretation.

With that in mind, wood tones are trending towards blonde, with maple, white oak and birch moving to the forefront as well. You will see this in furnishings, cabinetry, hardwood flooring and LVT.


Working hand in hand with “Extreme Texture”, is this trend towards reclaimed materials. In fashion, reclaimed visuals are reflected in finer details, like embroidered patterns, beaded Gothic reincarnations, and flowing, feminine fabrics that characterized 1940’s fashions. In interiors, reclaimed hardwoods with a “provenance” (interesting history) to tell, are much in demand. Wood floors reincarnated from old school houses or razed barns are much in demand. One manufacturer recycles old wine barrels to create new vintage floors. Simulations of driftwood fit this trend and bring a coastal flavor to design as well. Reclaimed is an evolution from simple rustic to a new level of sophistication.

Without a doubt these four mega-trends have been clearly identified and collaborated. Feel free to move forward with your next big design project using these directions as your personal road-map. You can’t fail if you are in-the-know.