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logo1-300x69The sponsor of this blog is The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) where you will find a website full of flooring solutions for the way you live. Below is a breakdown of all of the helpful tools you will find on the site. Prepare to spend some time and have some fun!

In the Design Center portion of the site, you will find:

  • Ask Kerry! – Looking for advice from an expert? Kerry can help you find the right design solution for your flooring project.
  • Virtual Room Designer – A tool that helps you envision different floor coverings in different rooms.
  • A quiz on how you liveThe answers to these questions will play a vital factor in your decision-making process regarding the color, design, and products that you will select for your project.
  • Design Styles – An index on different design styles.
  • Designer’s CornerA library of articles written by the design industry‚Äôs best and brightest and updated frequently to capture the latest news.
  • Gallery of Floors – Room scenes of different floor coverings in different room types.
  • What I like quiz - Created by our design and decorating experts, this interactive quiz is just 10 questions that are easy, fun and take just a few minutes to answer.
    There are no wrong answers; just answer as thoughtfully as you can and have fun!
  • My workbook – A place to save your design ideas.

For each type of flooring, you will find:

  • Product Catalog
  • How It’s Made
  • Styles
  • Before You Buy
  • Installation
  • Care
  • Glossary

New to the site, you will find Green Solutions where you can find more about:

If you are looking to start a flooring project or have already flooring that you want to learn more about, spend some time on the WFCA site and become more knowledgable about flooring while having some fun at the same time!

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WFCA Green Flooring

askrebecca-300x176Recently, our own Kerry Davis was seen on Designing Spaces offering advice and information on green flooring. Topics were covered such as bamboo, carpet, tile, hardwood, wool, cork and linoleum.

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