Laminate Marks on Laminate – Reader Question

2752464336_38021e7b21_mQuestion: I just moved into a condo that appears to have very good quality laminate floors. I noticed that there are a couple of marks on the floors that I want to get rid of. It actually looks like the previous owner had a piece of furniture in the room that left sorme sort of dye on the floor. I have no idea how to remove the stain. I have never had laminate flooring and do not know what to use to clean marks left on the floor.

Answer: Good for you for checking to see what to do before putting multiple cleaners on the floor! Multiple cleaners can leave build up and films that are difficult to remove. If you know who the manufacturer is, I would use the cleaner that they recommend. Otherwise, I would use a cleaner that is specifically made for laminate floors. The dye could be from water that found its way onto the base of the furniture. Follow the instructions provided on the bottle of laminate cleaner and some elbow grease should be all you need!