Solve Floor Problems Before They Start

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Squeaks, cold, moisture—the flooring challenges in your home may seem insurmountable. But any experienced flooring expert knows to prescribe just the right underlayment. Problem solved.

If your house has any of the following conditions, talk to your flooring installer about a cure:

• Your kids’ bathroom floor is always awash in water and you suspect it may be affecting the floor.

• Too much noise on floors upstairs can be heard downstairs.

• The house was built on a concrete slab and you have reason to expect cracks will soon appear in the concrete. In turn, cracks would impact your wood, laminate, stone or tile floor.

• Wearing socks and slippers throughout winter is the only defense against frostbite from cold floors.

• The subfloor in your home is more like a roller coaster of hills and valleys.

• You plan to install a laminate floor as a DIY project and want it to perform as if a pro put it down.

All these conditions and more can be corrected with the proper underlayment. Tell a flooring professional all about your concerns. Only by full disclosure can you get the right type of material to solve the problem.

You’ll be introduced to several product choices. There is usually a good, better and best solution to consider. A good solution should do a reasonable job at a low price. A better solution will almost always be a total cure. And the best solutions offer a combination of characteristics that promise impressive results. For instance, you may just want to have warmer feet, but the best underlayments may add moisture control and great sound deadening in addition to superior insulation against heat loss. 

For more information on flooring visit the World Floor Covering Association’s Consumer Carpet & Flooring Guide.

Guest Post – Installing New Wood Floors

This guest post was written by New York Wood Floors
New York Wood Floors:

Installing new wood floors – The amount of traffic in the room and it’s affect on the choice of wood:

index_03-300x80The amount of foot traffic in the designated room will directly affect the color and finish of any wood floors. Natural light wood colors like oak and maple are less affected than dark color wood floors, which tend to wear and show traffic marks sooner. In areas with high traffic extra attention is recommended as far as recoating.  New York Wood Floors are often being coated 1-2 full coats every 6 month to a year and glossy finishes are not being used at all. Such areas are sanded lightly before coating.

Thanks to New York Wood Floors for your advice!