By Annette Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

Global influences continue to flavor interior designs in the U.S. With that in mind, I wanted to share a new “find” with you. Headquartered in Turkey is a renowned manufacturer with over four decades of tile design and production. And yes, they do distribute here in the United States. Ege Seramik is seasoned in the production of porcelain and ceramic tile, with over 40% of their production actually exported to the US and Canada! The demand here for vivid colors and authentic styles is high, and Ege Seramik continues to contribute remarkable tiles to our hard surface market. Let’s take a look at just a few of their newer introductions.


Turkish Tile Showcased | floortalk.wfca.orgThis collection replicates the look of fine Carrara marble, but also offers coordinates you can use to contemporize it to your tastes. “Platinum Parigi” is a glittering metallic 1.2” x 24” liner that brings the right amount of glitz to your room design. Pair that with the “Dressy Relief” tiles, and you add dimensionality to the design as well. Ege Seramik’s marble-look ivory and white tiles, graced with a sparing touch of metallic, are destined to create a memorable interior (as seen here). For more information, please visit


Turkish Tile Showcased | floortalk.wfca.orgThis beautiful wall tile captured my attention and was an absolute must- mention in this article. Walking a more traditional line, Urban Maison New Beige can carry an entire wall or, if used as an accent tile, become a deserving focal point. This is a light-reflective tile that brings soft hues of gold and silver to the design.


World Class Turkish Tile | floortalk.wfca.orgA brand new introduction has just been announced, according to Terri Sparks, a representative from Communications International, who promotes Ege Seramik here in the U.S. According to her, Ege Seramik is excited to introduce NORDICWOOD, a glazed porcelain plank tile with the look of natural wood. This style has a Scandinavian influence and just happens to parallel the huge trend in design to replicate real hardwoods in different (durable) materials.


This series gives the end-user mix and match capabilities that bring the best of Turkish design to your interior. Below is an excellent application of the various designs offered in “Antique”. In addition to the soft mocha hues featured here, Antique also offers a Kyebel Blue mix.

World Class Turkish Tile |

Needless to say, I have just touched the surface of what this incredible line of tile has to offer. Designers are always on the lookout for something fresh and artistic. This line certainly delivers. Explore more to see for yourself just what awaits you from Ege Seramik and their very artistic Turkish craftsmen.

Those Who Listen— Learn

Those Who Listen— Learn

By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

Designers' meeting sponsored by KarndeanIt was such an honor to be asked to host the 2016 Design Council weekend in Las Vegas this month. Karndean Design Floors sponsored the event and invited a chosen group of commercial designers to share what they need, want and use in specifying commercial floors coverings.Several of the designers specialize in hospitality, including restaurants, clubs, hotels and casinos. Others were experts in the multi-family housing market. Both factions came together to share their “wish list”when it came to luxury vinyl woods and stones.

Everyone enjoyed the Friday night glittering panoramic view of Las Vegas while dining at Nove – an elaborate, Italian-inspired fine dining establishment at the pinnacle of the Palms Hotel. We all agreed, it was the most authentic Italian menu ever experienced, and the service was beyond stellar. If you want to feel like royalty, Nove exists to create that feeling for you. A mini-spa morning was then followed by lunch and a creative brainstorming session where ideas were freely shared. I presented the 2016 design trends report and brought real-life examples in both fashions and flooring to share. What fun!

Karndean’s savvy marketing experts gave the designers a sneak peek at the newly launched vinyl-woods in their DaVinci and VanGogh collections (not to mention the top secret Kaleidoscope collection). That got them all excitedly talking and commenting as to which projects they are working on where these newcomers might shine. All the designers generously shared their insights, and were asked what they would like Karndean to consider for future introductions. That part I cannot share with you, but there is certainly an important lesson to be learned from all of this.

Our industry has a wealth of experience and creative wisdom available from the design community—our customers. The most important thing we can do is LISTEN. Rather than fall prey to “the ivory tower syndrome”– approaching product development autonomously from within, Karndean demonstrated the value in truly listening to their valued designers’ opinions. We all came away from the experience realizing something very important had transpired. Good job all!