Reader Question: Floral Pattern Linoleum

armstrong_chelsea_cornerQuestion:  I am looking for a floral pattern linoleum and can not find it – any ideas?

Answer:  I understand why you had a hard time narrowing in on a linoleum with a floral pattern.  Current styles are moving in a different direction, but there are several options in sheet vinyl that might suit your needs.  The designs include florals, in a subtle, updated look.  You should log on to vinyl.  When you arrive at that page, you will find a box for an advanced search.  Type in “floral” and you should see eight selections to choose from.  I found Floral Medallion, Floral Blossom, and Floral Diamond to be very attractive.  Good luck and thanks for turning to Floor Talk for help.


Green Flooring – Linoleum



clip-image001-thumbLinoleum is not a new product and has always had many environmental benefits. The natural raw materials used to create Linoleum are available in abundance: linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, cork flour, ecologically responsible pigments and jute. The plants and trees that supply linoleum’s raw materials also contribute to the production of oxygen and the subsequent reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thus reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses present in the atmosphere.


Benefits of Linoleum:

  • Made from all natural materials
  • Natural raw materials used are available in abundance
  • Raw materials are harvested with little energy use
  • Main energy resource is the sun
  • Can be recycled
  • Can be safely added to landfill refuse sites (natural decomposition)
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Does not release harmful substances or gases
  • Adhesives are available that are 100% solvent free and meet all low VOC requirements
  • Does not require chemicals to maintain
  • Not adverse to air quality