The Twelve Months Of Mosaics—Can you identify them?

Submitted By:  Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID, CMG

12 months mosaics 1-6


I really wanted to get your complete attention on this blog—and what better way to do that than by leading with pictures of an awesome new collection of mosaic tile patterns from Nadeau.  Their creativity is showing–not only in the patterns introduced above (and these are just six of the twelve new mosaics), but in the marketing theme behind them. 

According to Nadeau Tile’s marketing department, “We are introducing the ‘TWELVE MONTHS OF MOSAICS COLLECTIONwhich was inspired by the intricacies of Mother Nature.  Each design was hand selected with the essence of the weather and feel of each month.

So let’s have a little fun with this.  Can you identify which month each pattern represents?  You really have to analyze each pattern to see if you can find a theme, and the colors used might give you a hint as well.  If you’d like to see the other six months of mosaics not shown here, visit for the complete line. 

Okay, I’ve teased you long enough.  Look below for the answers, starting with the top left pattern:

  1. DECEMBER – The colors are cool and icy, and reminiscent of ice crystals taking shape under a microscope.
  2. NOVEMBER – Winter is making it’s debut, and warm flannel blankets are coming out  of the linen chest.  This homey plaid speaks of bundling up in front of the fireplace on blustery nights.
  3. OCTOBER – Look very closely at this pattern.  I definitely see black bats with wings spread.  The russet and gold colors are some of Fall’s best hues.
  4. AUGUST – This one was harder to guess, but Nadeau describes it as being inspired by feathers, colored with the warm hues of sunny August.
  5. MAY – Flowers in full bloom and garden-like colors inspired this design.
  6. JANUARY – Winter white with a snow leopard pattern represents the month of January.  This one is a stretch of the imagination, but what a great pattern!

‘Twelve Months of Mosaics’ definitely qualifies as an innovative collection, and it’s just a sampler of what Nadeau can create. They encourage you– customers, designers, architects and specifiers–to contact them directly with your own ideas of patterns you want to create.  They will work with you as a team to develop the concept and composition of a floor or wall mosaic customized for your project.  Now THAT is mass customization at its very best.

Cost for custom showers

img_39542-200x300How much does it really cost to add decorative tiles to create a custom shower, tub surround or tub  backsplash? You may look at the beautiful examples in magazines or in the tile showrooms and think there’s no way you can afford a shower like that, so you settle for plain tile. All the while, you are wondering in the back of your mind just how much it would cost. Or, you see a tile that you like and see the price tag that each tile is $20 or so per piece and just assume that the total cost will be outrageous. Take a look at the math below and you will see that a custom shower is not so far out of reach!

For example, without looking at installation costs because they vary so much from area to area, let’s look at material only:

  • If you have a shower that is 5’x5′ with a shower door on the 4th wall, you will need 15-20 lineal feet or so of a decorative tile to create a decorative band. If the tiles cost $10 each, the total cost is only $150-$200 for the material. If the tiles cost $20 each, the total cost is only $300-$400 for the material.
  • If you have a tub surround that is 5′ wide, you will need around the same amount as above.
  • You could also buy decorative dots and place them in the intersections of tile installed on the diagonal for around the same price.

Another option: Say you want to use glass tile and you only need 15 lineal feet for an eye level band and your retailer tells you that you have to buy the whole box of glass tiles or glass mosaic tiles. Because glass mosaics come on a mesh backing, different shapes can be cut out of each sheet to create the size you need.

img_4020-200x300Here are some things you can do with the extra tile in order not to be wasteful:

  • Add “dots” or squares in the intersections of the wall tile with the decorative band
  • Add “dots” in the intersections of the floor tile
  • Frame the bathroom mirror
  • Use the extra tiles for a sink splash
  • Instead of one decorative band, install more than one to create a stripe effect
  • Glue the extra tiles to pictures frames
  • Put a cork backing on a square of tiles and make coasters

Before deciding that you cannot afford a custom look in a shower or bath area, have your local retailer price some options for you in a budget that you are comfortable with.

If you are ready to get started and are looking for a local retailer – click here:

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